The Vanishing Cup

Introduction: The Vanishing Cup

This is a very fun trick! Fool your friends into thinking your a wizard! It is also a great trick for beginners! It is one of my favorite tricks as a intermediate magician! But it is also sometimes frustruating sometimes when you prepare. Get a good audience. But be far away from them! THIS IS A BETTER TRICK FOR AGES 8-13.

Step 1: Materials

The materials are:
                   1. A large paper towel
                   2. A plastic / paper cup
                   3. Audience       
                   4. A glass cup
                   5. Water
                   6. A coin [any coin]
                   7. A low table                                                     
                   8. You
                   9.  A loud voice

    That's it!  : ]

Step 2:

 Take your paper towel and place it on the plastic or paper cup. Make it so that you cant see the cup through the paper towel in all directions beacuse this is important.

Step 3:

 Get a coin any coin at all! Penny, Dime, Nickel, Quarter , Whatever! And place it under the paper covered cup!

Step 4:

 Take your glass cup and fill it up halfway with water. This will later add to the amazing effect!

Step 5: Setup

You need to find a low table in your house {example coffee table} and set it up so your audience will not see whats going under the table. You can also use just anything you want that will cover up yourbelly button to your toe. Usually you would be neeling. So get the cup covered with the paper and get the cup half full put them both hidden behind the table this is where you will sit.

Step 6:

 Get your family to sit down far away on the other side of the coffee table. make shure they dont see the half full glass!

Step 7: Performance!

You will now be ready to perform! Now first say how it is a regular cup {show them}.They will agree. Then you say under the cup is a magical coin. This will distract them from what you are really doing. While you talk about how magic the coinis {go on and on}. Secretely take the cup covered with the paper. It should shape into the cups form. And drop the cup into your lap. Still talking about how magic the coin is. Now carefully take the shaped paper towel and place it back on the coin. Now say the coin sometimes makes other things disappear. Go on about that in a very loud voice. While you poor the half full glass into the plastic or paper cup. While your poring say to the audience to focus on the cup, beacuse with more energy, more magic will happen! While thier focising ad-lib the rest. Then place the half full plastic or paper cup down and then smash the paper towel while they look at it in amazement. Start drinking out of the cup they will look and be suprised. Now bow!

Step 8: Make It More Real!

To make it more real, you can get any of your family members before the trick and tell them what to do. What you do is that when you smash the "vanished cup" you will ask if someone could see if you had anything behind the coffee table. The person you chose is spose to emidiatly say "I will!" then you will let them come down. They will act like thier looking and they'll say "Nope dont see anything!". This adds to the effect!
         HAVE FUN!!!

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