The Waterproof Laser Case!





Introduction: The Waterproof Laser Case!

Green lasers are awesome, They have visible beams, they're bright, and if you want to point something out, what better to use then a green laser pointer? Now for the next level, the WATERPROOF laser. The problem is, waterproof lasers/cases for the lasers are almost non-existent, and very expensive at that... So, let's build a case for under $5 that works great, and looks great!

First you'll need a Laser pointer I'd suggest wicked lasers, I've been a customer for nearly two years and I LOVE their products. For this instructable I used their CORE series laser ($50) and their 125mW Pulsar ($250) and dunked BOTH in the same case with NO water damage, how cool is that?

(materials on the next page ->)

Step 1: Materials

Fortunately, most of what you need for this project, you'll already have at home...

1- buy some 3/4" shrink tube, should be in the electrical section of your local hardware store
2- velcro (3/4"-1" wide)
3- highlighter / marker of larger diameter then laser
4- hairdryer / heatgun (heatguns are faster)
5- epoxy
6- vaseline (petroleum jelly)
7- hacksaw/ jigsaw

Step 2: Prepare the Marker

The first step is pretty simple, we need to make three cuts.

1- cut 1" from where the marker begins to round down for the point
2- remove the felt ink "cartridge"
3- cut off just before the curved part
4- cut an inch from the end of the marker
5- sand the cut edges and make sure they're flat
6- "final" product should look like the last picture

Step 3: Cut Optics

-Though the title is a bit discouraging, it's not that hard, take the CD case (it must be NEW! we CANNOT afford for it to be scratched! it'll affect the beam.) and a piece of the marker. Using a permanent marker trace around the marker piece. (second picture)

-Remove the top of the case and using some normal "scotch" (clear cheap tape) tape, mask the circle so the plastic is NOT scratched while cutting. (third picture) I'd suggest putting two or three layers to protect it.

-Cut out the circle. I used a jigsaw, but, a hacksaw will do fine, you'll have to cut it a few times to round the corners. DO NOT clamp it in a vice! (unless it has rubber grips) you will scratch the case. While you're at it, use some sand paper and smooth down the edges.

leave the tape on for the moment, we'll take it off in the next step.

Step 4: Attach Lens

Using your trusty epoxy, take the piece of the marker that is open on both ends (1" long) and glue the flattest side to the lens you just made. At this point, you'll want to remove the tape. Once the glue is applied, stand it on it's lens on a cloth or something until it cures. I HIGHLY recommend JBkwik epoxy, in four minutes it's set hard and you can continue your progress.

*note* make SURE the glue seal between the marker and lens is AIR TIGHT!

Step 5: Velcro

Detach the loops from the hooks, and set the side with the hard plastic hooks aside. We're looking for the cloth side to pad the marker interior, and keep the laser from rattling around.

Do NOT remove the sticky backing (if the velcro has it) yet.

Basically, cut the velcro a bit large and slowly trim the piece down to size so it fits perfectly in the marker piece and the ends just touch while inside. Make sure the pieces AREN'T too wide and stick out the caps, if they do, just trim them down a bit more.

Now you may glue or stick the velcro inside the caps it should be a nice smooth, snug, fit, and move on to the next step!

Step 6: Shrink Wrap!

Using your two pieces of shrink wrap (make sure to cut them so they overlap about 2 inches!) start shrink wrapping.

- remove batteries from laser
- apply epoxy to the cap w/ lens around the equator of the marker piece (mid way down, don't put too much, but make SURE it's enough to get a seal!)
- slide shrinkwrap over the piece (see first and second picture) and shrink the portion over the cap down, leave the rest un-shrunk until the epoxy has dried.
- Slide your laser in (aperture side forward!) and shrink all of the piece down to the laser.
- let cool
- repeat with the other end cap (obviously have the closed side pointing out) I would suggest having the shrinkwrap hang an 1/8 of an inch over the end of the cap. This is so it seals well AND covers all the highlighter. It's a nice finishing touch that will make the laser case look that much better.
- (back on the other piece with the lens) using some more epoxy seal AROUND the outside to shut the gap between the lens and the shrink wrap.

At this point, you're done! You should have a nice seal, and should feel resistance when you try to remove the pieces, not TOO much, if you CAN'T remove the laser, heat the shrinkwrap up again, then pull out while hot. Now it's time to test it!

Step 7: Dunk!

Before we ACTUALLY dunk the laser, one last check to make SURE we have a good seal (nothing like dunking a $250 laser to make you nervous!) remove the end cap (not the side with the lens). Using some common petroleum jelly, apply a bit around the overlap (second picture) it doesn't take much, just apply a bit, smooth it out a little bit, and re-attach the two halves.

You KNOW you have a good seal if, when pushing the rear back on, if you stop midway through the process, the pressure you've built inside should actually push the two halves apart again. (it'll feel springy)

Now it's time for a dunking! go have fun with the laser!

PS: video to be up soon...

*as a note, if you DON'T have a green laser, I'd suggest going to the laser forum at . ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS research a laser before you get it! Here's the link to wickedlasers again if you want to check some out.

**posted by lasercommunity member: thecheat. If you want to chat about lasers or something, that's the best place to contact me. Just register and drop a PM.



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40 Discussions

I am wondering would this also work with high powered burning lasers. Or would the glue expoxy cause the laser to overheat??

2 replies

if you use it under water. depending on the water temprature you should be fine.

the shrink wrap is not thermally insolated.

That is good advice too. Many thanks.

Many lasers are also cooled with water like Carbon dioxide lasers that requires high heat release and water control uses. The ones at algonquin 100 W were air and water cooled too. That kind of heat could melt the glass tubing for the laser.


1 year ago

Bought shrink wrap off ebay. found that if you use a hot iron and make several clamps. you can skip the glue cap on the first end.

seccondly, i did not use the plastic from a cd cover case. instead i bought some penny coin collection displays (transparent plastic holders meant for coins) and had that popped inside. it was a bit tricky to shrink the wrap around the plastic case without cluttering and obscuring the laser dot. but i found using a localized hand held gass blow lighter worked. i could apply targeted heat around it. making a seal without having to use any glue what so ever.

and what did i do to combine both ends and keep it airtight you ask?
well. i used vasseline to slide them on each other. but what i also did was cover the split with some duct tape and then electric tape on the outside.

good idea! I just can't justify paying 50$ for a laser pointer, unless it were to burn stuff.

15 replies

go to you cant get a burning laser there for well under $50. the quality is not always the best, but you can't beat the price. also, as he said RESEARCH the laser before you buy it. this is an excellent place for TONS of info on lasers: btw, wicked lasers is known for selling underpowered lasers. VERY FEW actually perform to their specifications.

better go to one of the trusted affiliates rather than go and buy from conniving companies who advertise lots of non-sense in there and here. Its better to check the alexa ranking of these site he mention laserglow and laserpointer and really see that these sites GOING DOWN very very fast. Customers are not dumb anymore :-D

I agree with you 100%. Wicked lasers may have a nicer website, but that is no indication of the quality of their products (you can't judge a book by its cover). A trusted company (such as Nova or Optotronics) that ALWAYS delivers excellent over-spec products is much better than one that just has a nice website. I have never heard of one person who has been dissatisfied with a laser from one of these companies, however I have seen TONS who have wished they never bought from wicked.

True you can't judge a book by its cover, Nova and Optotronics you can't trust them as well, I been around all those forums more than you I never post though but I know most of them by their name I am the quiet observer of what is going on, definitely those most of the oldtimers. I know the players their stories, the wannabees, the cons, the toughies and the rest of the clowns that make most of the companies. I saw post, counter post, lies, thread pics, move over there and everywhere. Anywhere you see in the NET mentioning the laser companies 1000% sure their detractors, their loyal followers follow thru vindicating each other like hungry wolves.

I've purchased a Nova. It's amazing. I've ran many experiments with it, Temperature uses, durability, and it's a great laser. Need I say more?

 i totally agree. wicked lasers is a scam. they use photoshop to lure in unexperienced people and then supposedly( im not saying they do or dont do this, but i have heard rumors) pay of friends to write good reviews.

So please, take the extra 2 minutes and read other comments, talk to a friend, or just do some research and you will find a much better company with extremley good prices (i wont name any names)

Yes, it's $50, however, it... just works great. Most of their lasers are in fact OVER-powered not underpowered. The problem lies in the facts: 1- a laser test device (a PROPER one) costs $250 and up if you're lucky. few have them, and so, they may just be expecting more when they truly got what was advertised. USER error 2- the forums have a higher rate of "my laser is underpowered" because they're partially intended as SUPPORT forums. 3- I've personally had 5 lasers from them (2 cores, 1- 15mW, 1-35mW, 1- P125) and all but the P125 have not been preforming to specs, they've been preforming OVER specs. 4- be CAREFUL cheap lasers like that have been MODIFIED. they are generally OVERDRIVEN (there's a variable resistor that's been turned up) have short life expectancy, and probably are missing their IR filter. This is VERY dangerous as IR reflects off of things that to you appear black, or NON reflective.

 they are not over powered, they just fake the numbers by doing a POT mod which gives higher IR light so the tests show it is brighter, while in reality, the beam stays the same

not to get into an argument with you (i actually like your instructable), but: 1. the people that i've seen the tests from have used proper, calibrated equiptment. Why i don't like wicked is that they don't send the verified output of each laser they sell. Most reputable laser companies (NOVA lasers, optotronics, etc.) do this and their's are GUARANTEED over-spec, every single one. 2. they have a high rate of "my laser is underpowered" because wicked sells underpowered lasers, period. if all their lasers were up to spec, they would have to deal with this problem. 3. the lower powered ones are usually pretty close, but once you get into the higher-powered lasers such as the pulsar 125, they are usually under spec, unless you are one of the lucky few. 4. these lasers (Deal Extreme) are not modified in any way. i'll admit they are not the best quality, but most don't have any problems and for the price you can buy several for the price of one underpowered Wicked Laser. They all have IR filters although they aren't the best. They have been tested by professionals and any of their lasers under 50mw don't put out enough ir to cause any damage.

Customers are not dumb anymore we know what our moneys worth, and customers also knows alexa ratings and we know what a reputable site look likes and we know if many people really goes to sites like you mention. For us its counter productive the more you say its bad the more people research and found out that it is not true, Do you think everyone is dumb not really? Customers like us are smarter than what you think.

if you're really as smart as you think you are, then spend 30 minutes reading anything about wickedlasers on you will find that this is an unbiased forum with many members who have purchased lasers from many companies and done reviews of almost every laser out on the market. I don't think everyone is dumb, unless they spend several hundred dollars on a laser without reading unbiased opinions on it.

yeah I read all those cranks on that forums and some are true and most of it are lies. Oh not only 30 minutes been reading that since the beginning maybe u never heard of the old forum of wicked before ... long long time ago. Not everyone is dumb unless they are easily convince with lies that is all around.

*sigh* I really didn't want to get into this, but...
Laserpointerforums is NOT unbiased. No site will EVER be unbiased. Unless you know the history behind them... don't think they're not. Let's just say there was a rift in a while back, and... well you can figure out the rest. Sadly some of the best left too, which is rather disappointing, Honestly I miss them, but they have their reasons. However,
some of them are EXTREMELY biased against Wickedlasers. (not all, but a few, most are really good guys, and I still hold respect for some of the biased ones. we have a right to our opinions.)

However, Please Brentgmz, stop arguing. I think wicked is the best, I've had good experiences with them, and they've done lots of cool things that otherwise, I'd never have had a laser! They're my company, and I'll stick to them.

-laserglow has CNI lasers (unless they changed recently) superdurable lasers, it's just that 1 in 3 has mode issues. (pen models) I have one, I know.
-optoelectronics probably the best around, but they ain't cheap! I KNOW they're reliable
-Novalasers- they're CNI lasers again, BUT, if they REALLY do check each one, then they're quite reputable. I have NO issues with CNI lasers... except the common mode issues.
-Wickedlaser- they're made by them, and all the ones I've had have been just fine... they make some of the best looking lasers around, and they ain't too shabby with preforming either.

PS: I like the last line. minor modification that even biased opinions are good, that's because they draw out the bad even more, and give you more data to research.

I don't argue thecheat..., I'm pointing to other websites that pick each other anywhere, use google or any search engine you can see what I' talking laserpointerforums I think has the potential to become the best laser site but the only thing I can see is its one sided, I remember a thread I'm watching suddenly disappear I remember it correctly I think a staff from techlasers clarifying something then bam the admin move it...also other forums. The only forum I think with exception is lasercommunity (except for putting some links relating to other companies and againts the current rule), you can't see any bad review in there for other companies because maybe they remove it or maybe they don't tolerate bashing other companies. If they own the site they can easily put bad reviews or other misinformation for all their competitors ITS VERY VERY EASY FOR THEM because they own the site. Go to lserpointerforums hehehe have you notice it.... Put some good review and all of sudden all bad things will crop 1000% out. So if ever laserpointerforums is what do you think is the content in there? switch that site. I think you got my point in there. Thats when I do my own research and found out that most of the people in that forums are either former customers of other companies and majority of the members there are members of competing companies...I got the bigger picture.

Well, I'd guess it goes back to the original words: RESEARCH FIRST! :D Anyways, one point- 50mW of green is enough to do damage, and if the laser has no IR filter (many of the cheap ones don't) up to 100 mW can be leaking. If it's a TRUE 50mW, it'll have a 200mW IR diode, which means anywhere from a fourth of that power or more can be leaking. 50mW'll make a nice hole in your retina.