The Window-closer

Introduction: The Window-closer

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The BIG problem!
I have been blessed with a lovely but a bit short girlfriend, that has a bit of a problem closeing and opening our windows in our apartment, forcing her to either use a chair or her boyfriend (me) to get the job done, and since I can't always be around, and a chair is just big and heavy to drag around all of the apratment, something had to be done.

The solution:
Is pretty much an arm extension for closing window hatches you can’t reach. It consists of two parts the arm and the head and can be made of any material and any size, all you need is to measure your hatch and make a head, that a bit smaller than your actual hatch.

The materials I used was:
A round rod of stainless metal with following the following size;
- 2,36 mm in diameter and aprox 35 mm in length (for the arm).
- 2,36mm diameter and about 11 mm length (for the head)

So in my case a rod of about 46-47mm would have done the trick.

The tools I used was:
- A jigsaw
- Metalfile
- TIG-welder
- A place to bend the rod

But any material, that is strong enough will do, I was just lucky that my school had all the materials I needed.

Step 1: Putting the Thing Togeather

Assembling my version was quite easy,

Step 1:
Take mesaure of your hatch, make sure that your head can get through the hole in the hatch, but still big enogh to get a firm grip.

Step 2:
Saw off your pices in the wanted length, remember that the head, is bend 90 degrees. so either bend it before you saw, so you have enought to bend around, or use 2 seprate pices.

Step 3:
a bit of alignment, and a bit og TIG-welding at the indicated spot, did the trick, remember to weld both of the sides, for the best strength. Also remember to put the lower end slightly more turned out than the upper part, this will ensure your ability to grip and control the hatch with great ease.

Step 4:
Finish off with a metalfile rounding all egdes, so noone will get hurt using it. and finish off sanding it for a nice shiny look.

Step 2: Using the Thing

Now your ready to take it for a spin, If you had your mesurements right, you can use it as a hook and graping device at the same time. Simply put in the lower end of the head first and the the upper part of the head should slide just in, giving you a very stable grip and enabling you to turn the arm as you want, for opening or closing the window.

Improvements for later versions could be:
- An actual handel.
- telescope rod, to adjust the length

Enjoy and let me know if you have any sugenstions for improvements, or let me see your version of it, if you make one.

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