The Woman's Tackle Box (Modifying a Plano Big One Tray Box)



Introduction: The Woman's Tackle Box (Modifying a Plano Big One Tray Box)

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Men- Please leave NOW. Find another Instructable. This is an Instructable by a woman, for women. Okay, lets get started.
What you will need: 
Duct Tape in your favorite color
A cosmetics bag
bug repellent
garlic  powder
onion powder
lip balm with sunscreen
two headbands
small mirror
bobby pins
safety pins
small container
small scissors

Step 1: Organize Tackle

Okay, ready Ladies? Alright, lets get started! First you will want to take the little dividers that come with your Plano box and cut them apart. Divide the tray however you want, allowing the fish hooks and fake worms/minnows with hooks to be in seperate sections by themselves. Take card board and cut out some big enough to cover the fish hooks and the fake bait. Secure it in place with tape and you are finished! Now, make a duct tape wallet and place your fishing license in it.

Step 2: Adding in Emergency Items

Alright, if you lift up the tray you will see tons of wasted space. We will use it! First take a cosmetic bag, and  fill it up with the following:

U by kotex liners( they are prewrapped, and $1.25)
Safety pins and bobby pins
small mirror
lip balm (I used Blistex Raspberry Lemon Splash w/SPF 15)

Put the bag in the bottom, a bottle of tums, and a small pair of scissors. Your set!

Step 3: Bonus: Stink Bait!

So I am not bombarded with questions, let me explain- this stink bait is powder you rub on your bait (live or fake). You will need the following: garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and a small container.

You will mix all the ingrediants into a container, adding any other thing you like- I added dried, crushed onion and italian seasoning, among other things. If you use live bait, such as earth worms, just sprinkle it onto the bait. Moisten fake bait first. Enjoy!

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