TheDunkis's Nano Gun




Introduction: TheDunkis's Nano Gun

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This is TheDunkis's Nano Gun. I give him 100% credit.

Step 1: Trigger

Make the trigger

Step 2: Ram and Mag Pusher

Make the ram and mag pusher.

Step 3: The Body

Here you make the body of the gun.

Step 4: Assembly

Here we assemble the gun.

Step 5: Firing

I'll show you how to fire the gun.



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    51 Discussions

    I'd say this is the best gun ever.
    I put 2 elastic bands on and it was super powerful

    i sanded the botom of the ram rod, it made the slide action easier, and gave me better accuracy and reloded time

    I recommend putting an orange connector in place of the grey one that makes up the top of the ever so small barrel. It makes it a tad bit more accurate if it means anything to you.