TheDunkis's Realistic Knex AK47 Turned Into a DRAGUNOV!




Introduction: TheDunkis's Realistic Knex AK47 Turned Into a DRAGUNOV!

This isn't a mod but is more like a conversion ALL respect goes to TheDunkis's for the original idea
lolololol so i hope you enjoy it oh btw (by the way) it dont shoot it only a replica
And its a Dragunov

Step 1: Stock or But !!!

The stock is pretty strong but bendy so don't step on it'

Step 2: Main Housing

this is were the mag fits and if some of the pics don't make sense at this bit is at this URL
but that instructable don't av a scope and ain't a sniper rifle

Step 3: Grip and First Part of Barrel

this mine and TheDunkis's barrel i just elongated it a strengthened it

Step 4: Almost There Guys That Is If You Could Be Asked to Finish It :)

its really basic but i will show you any way



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    your pics are extreamly blury

    the gun u have posted in the pick is a British SA-80 bull pup rifle. currently in service in Afghanistan e.c.t

    hahahaha funny if you were a knex fan you would know that there isn't a knex gun that can actually fire at the speed of a sniper rifle so stop trying to be clever

    yeah but the gun you were talking about is 5.56 and yes i do know there is no way to make something that shoots 3000 fps out of knex and rubber bands

    why did you clip out the second picture, i couldn' t tell what it was for a while.