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Introduction: Themed Notebooks

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A while ago I went to a science fiction and fantasy convention, and ran a booth selling mostly Doctor Who related stuff. One of the items was a colection of themed notebooks, with cutouts of pictures and quotes of characters from the series. This Instructable shows how to make a K-9 notebook. You don't have to make a Doctor Who one, but use this as a guideline for making special, interesting notebooks.

This is my first Instructable, so I hope you enjoy it.

Step 1: Supplies

- Notebook (duh)
-Paper (can be scrap paper)
-Box cutter or any other blade
-Painting supplies (paint, paintbrushes, pallet and water container)


-Permanent marker
-Calligraphy pen
-2 large sheets of cardboard (must be bigger than the notebook)
-Flashlight (trust me)
-Toothbrush (trust me)

Step 2: Drawing Your First Draft

Firstly, you need to find what you want to draw. I recommend just searching for what you want on Google images, and picking the picture that fits your need the most.

After finding the right image, place a sheet of paper on your monitor and trace out the outline. It works best if you turn off other light sources, so that only the computer's glare will light your way.

NOTE: Check in advance that the picture is the right size for your notebook.

Step 3: Cutting

Using your trusty scissors, cut out the image. Then place it in alignment with the computer image, to make sure you didn't chop anyone's ear off by accident. Oops.

Step 4: Placing & Tracing

Put the stencil in the inside cover of your notebook, and trace out the image. If you have a hard time tracing fragile paper, you may want to trace it first onto some unneeded cardboard, fix it around and then trace on the notebook.

NOTE: If your notebook has writing on the cover (like mine) and you're too lazy to paint the cover to hide it (like I am) simply shine the flashlight onto the outside of the cover, while you position your stencil on the inside. That way you can see the limits of your stencil, and not have to cut up the writing.

Step 5: Cut It Out!

Using a box cutter, scissors or any other blade (use a butcher's knife, it that's easier for you) cut out your shape. Be careful not to pull the shape out too aggressively, or it might rip up your cover. Needless to say, watch where your fingers are; you might end up with a red notebook (but seriously, be careful).

Step 6: Painting

Now, on a well newspaper-ed floor (unless you want to paint your floor that way), place your notebook, with free space around you for paint, brushes etc. Just painting the first page will get the whole notebook soggy, so I suggest you place a cardboard sheet before and after the page, isolating it from the other pages. After doing so, begin painting the first page. you can paint it anyway you like, but I find that a few shades of the same color works the best. (to give it that multi-shade effect, I added some black paint to the grey one, and mixed them up partially. You can change the amount of black paint in each stroke as you please).

Step 7: But Wait, What Was the Toothbrush For?

I'm glad you asked.

To give the notebook a 'space-y' effect, you may wish to create a starry background. By dipping an old toothbrush in white paint and flicking it at the page, you can get the effect of stars (move your fingers along the brush and aim it at your target. Be warned that it will get paint everywhere, especially on your fingers).

After getting a few stars on the page, use a new paintbrush (I recommend a thin one) and partially mix the white paint with the background. Then add a new layer of stars. Repeat if you find necessary.

Remove the cardboard (or it'll stick to the page), Wash hands and let dry.

Step 8: Pens

After drying, you may feel the sudden urge to add some writing with pens. I know I did.

Using a permanent marker, I added the "K-9" in the corresponding place, both on the cover and on the page.
With a calligraphy pen I wrote "Affirmative" on the inner cover. These are all recommendations, and feel free to write whatever the hell you want, or simply ignore these directions completely.

NOTE: If you feel like it, you can speckle the inner cover with the toothbrush as well.

Step 9: Finishing Up

After your paint dries, you might find the first page is rolled up and uneven. Do not panic, my friend! It is natural.

After making sure the paint is completely dry and not sticky (I learnt the hard way), flatten the page with a good, heavy weight. I used my physics books.

Step 10: The End

That's it! Your notebook is finished! Yay!

Make a bunch and sell them at conventions! Give some out to loved ones! Make personalized ones for twice the price! Feed them to you dog! I couldn't care less, but enjoy making them.

P.S. I was joking. Don't feed it to your dog.
Seriously. Don't

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