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Introduction: Themed Paracord Bracelet

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My mom is a HUGE Flyers fan and asked for a Flyers bracelet, so I decided to post this as an Instructable. You can easily use different colors to create your own themed bracelet!

The black and purple colors were for a college hockey team(I think the Philly Phantoms), the black bracelets with blue stripes for police, a red, white, and blue patriotic bracelet for my son, the white(lung) and blue(colon) is cancer awareness, as are the black and pink, and the pink with white stripe.

These bracelets use the cobra weave/knots.

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Step 1: Materials

This bracelet is being made for an 8.5in wrist. I normally use a bit more cord than needed when making a bracelet. Nothing is worse than running out of cord when your so close to finishing the bracelet. Generally you will end up using about 1ft of cord per inch. So if you have a size 7 wrist, you will need 7ft of cord. Size 6, 6 feet of cord, etc etc. So your measurements based on your needs may be different than what I have listed below. Also, for the cord serving as your stripe, you want to add on a couple inches larger than your wrist size. Mine is 8.5in, so I used 10in.

- 4.5ft 550 orange paracord
- 4.5ft 550 black paracord
- 10in. 550 white paracord
- Sewing needle
- Orange thread
- Side release buckle
- Lighter
- Scissors
- Fid/Needle nose pliers/crochet hook(just one item needed, not all 3)

Step 2: Set Up

When I make a paracord bracelet, I find using a jig to be very helpful. I have an instructable posted to give an idea of how to make one;

If you are going to make a two color bracelet, you will need to fuse your two cords together. Here's another link showing a better/stronger way to do this;

Push each end of your cord through the bottom of your buckle, leaving a loop.  Make sure the part of your cord where you bonded the two cords together is about an inch below the buckle. This bonded section will be weaved around while making the bracelet to reinforce it.

Now with the piece of cord you are using as the stripe, push one end through the top of the buckle, pulling only a couple inches of cord through the bottom. Pass the other end of the stripe cord and main cords through the loop you made when threading the buckle. Pull taunt.

Pass the ends of the cords through the top, out the bottom, of the other half of buckle.

Step 3: Start Your Weave

Generally when I do a bracelet with a stripe down the center I do the first few weaves normally. In my opinion it helps to better pinch in the stripe cord, holding it into place better. When finishing the bracelet up, I do the same for the last few weaves as well. Beings that these parts are near the buckle which is on the bottom of your wrist, its not really going to be seen by others anyways.

The color that will be your border will always pass over the top of the core strands, and the other strand will always pass under the core strands. If doing a solid color bracelet It may help to tie a small knot in the end of one strand. The knot helps to differentiate which strand was crossing over or below the core strands, especially if you step away then come back to finish the bracelet.

1- Take the right strand and cross it over the core strands, leaving a loop on the right side. (pic 1)

- Now take the left strand and bring it down over the standing strand, then under the core strands, and up through the loop on the right side. (pic 2)

- Tighten. (pic 3)

2- Take the left strand, and cross over the core strands leaving a loop on the left side. (pic 4)

- Bring your right strand down over the standing strand, under the core strands, and pass it up through the loop. (pic 5)

- Tighten.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 a couple more times.

3- Take your right strand and pass it between your two core strands, and your stripe strand(Pic 9) leaving a loop on the right side.

- Take the left strand and bring it down over the standing strand, under the core strands, and up through the loop.

- Tighten.

4- Take your left strand and cross it over your core strands including the stripe, leaving a loop on the left side.

-Bring your right strand down over the standing strand, under the core strands, and up through the loops.

- Tighten.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you are roughly an inch from finishing the bracelet, then proceed to finish the bracelet using steps 1 and 2.

Step 4: Finishing

Once you do your last knot, cut the loose ends close to the bracelet. Then carefully using a lighter, use the blue part of the flame, melt the end of the cord still sticking out from the bracelet. Use the metal guard to flatten the melted end into the side of the bracelet.

Using the blue part of the flame allows for a more controlled burn. Flattening the melted cord into the side of the bracelet stops the cord from being pulled back through the knot, undoing what you just worked hard to complete.

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