Themed Video Game Consoles !!!

Please take a look at what others are saying about my work like MTV , PC WORLD , 1UP.COM , FANBOY ,and CRAZIESTGADGETS
Thank you for checking out my entry.  I have been making themed video game consoles and custom electronics since 04'-05'. Starting as a hobby making these custom consoles for myself. This hobby took off as friends wanted to buy them from me, and giving out  free e-books on how2  build a few of my projects HERE. Being a cook this was starting to cause a problem financially. But with a little help from family ,friends and a few great customers things are  beginning to take off .  Without their help I wouldn't have been able to have attended Comic-con NYC 2011 as a vendor with great results and lots of publicity. The reasons I am entering this contest is I need better equipment ,such as a PRS Standard 96-48-6 ShopBot CNC machine,Objet30 Desktop 3D Printer ,painting material, and supplies to fill orders. Winning this contest would allow me to produce affordable kits to the DIY community. Along with that I have a lot more ideas for projects that I can't afford to produce.
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Thank you ,
Mark Bongo



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