There Is a Dog Licking My PC Screen Prank





Introduction: There Is a Dog Licking My PC Screen Prank

This is a simple prank to carry out on WinXP machines. It uses the 'display web site' functionality on the desktop to show a funny flash video loop of a pug licking the inside of your PC screen.

Step 1: Get Into Your Victims Desktop Settings

I have only tried this on Win XP, not sure if Vista has this function. Have a try and let me know.

1. Right click on the desktop of your victims PC. Then select properties to bring up the desktop settings.
2. Click on the desktop tab
3. Click on the 'Customise Desktop' button

Step 2: Add the Dog Licking Video

5. Click 'New' to add web content to be displayed.
6. copy in this link:
Click ok.


Step 3: Set It Up

7. After you return to the desktop you'll want to maximize the pug over the whole screen. Hover your mouse over the top left corner of the video and a drop down menu will apeear.
8. Select 'Cover Desktop'
9. Now if you wish you can return to the desktop setting through Control Panel > Display and click that check box 'Lock desktop items' that way the victim will not be able to remove or move the pub video.

You can undo this prank by going back into Desktop settings and unchecking the checkbox next to the web page you added in.

10. Be sure to leave a water bowl and a few doggie treats on your victims desk.

11. No animals were harmed in the making of this instructable.



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    31 Discussions

    My sister thought it was adorable and she couldn't stop laughing

    1 reply

    hi i want this motion dog licking my pc screen where can i download this

    the link is dead

    do you know where to get other videos like that???

    It didn'y work with me as I just recieved a message saying that the dog has 'semi-retired' and so has been taken of the web page. Tis a shame, but a good instructable any way.

    1 reply

    Great, my firewall has blocked it and also i can't minimize it because the menu arrow thingy has vanished? Now I'm stuck with an annoying bright white

    2 replies

    Fortunately I was able to get to the desktop settings via control panel and delete it, what a horrible experience :(

    Is that egg on your face? You can edit your settings through control panel. On the desktop tab is a button. Customise desktop. On the web tab in the lower section is a checkbox "Lock Desktop Items" if you make sure that is unchecked you should have the menu drop down box.