Thermal Compound Swap on a Graphics Card

Introduction: Thermal Compound Swap on a Graphics Card

how to swap Thermal compound

Step 1: Gather Tools

The tools you'll need
screw drive
rubbing alcohol
thermal compound
pads or toilet paper
lint free cloth (I used my shirt)

Step 2: Take Off the HeatSink

Find all the PROPER screws that hold on the HeatSink. some will not ND some cards won't let you unless you void the warranty. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Step 3: Take the Heat Sink Off

Once you got the heat sink unscrewed, unplug the fans. The connectors are very fragile.
Then twist and pull up on an angle. YOU DON'T WANT TO RIP OR CRACK THE DIE.

Step 4: Clean the HeatSink

Once the HeatSink is off, take a pad and some alcohol and rub off the old compound on the HeatSink. Use as much pad and alcohol you need. Don't skimp out on this step. Then use you lint free cloth to get rid of any dust.

Step 5: Wipe Off Your Die BE CAREFUL

In this step use a stronger type of pad If you use one that rips.... that's bad.
Make sure to use plenty of pads and alcohol. DON'T SKIMP OUT. ALSO DONR SCRATCH OR CRACK YOU DIE.
Then use your lint free cloth and wipe it off.

Step 6: Adding the Compound

Take the compound and put a little blob on the die. don't put too much. WARNING YOU CAN SUFFICATE YOUR CARD.
The flip it over and put two screws in and put tape over it.

Step 7: Put the HeatSink On

Flip the card over and line up the heat sink on it.
after that flip it back over and put the screws back in. GO IN A CROSS PATTERN.

Step 8: Plug the Fan Back In

Line up the notch on the socket and the plug and plug it in. FRAGILE CONECTOR.

Your done.

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