Thermal Machine

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To make a thermal machine, you need:
Powered milk´s can;
Adhesive tape;
Two blocks of wood;
One needle;
A candle;
A vane;
A piece of cotton.

Step 1: Hole on the Can Lid

First, you take the needle and make a hole on the can lid with it.

Step 2: Fixing the Needle

Now, you put the needle on the hole and pass adhesive tape around it. Then you light the candle and let the paraffin melt and drip on the can lid, around the needle.

Step 3: Closing the Can

Put water inside the can and close it with the lid. After that, seal the lid with more melted paraffin.

Step 4: Combustion

Attach the can to the wooden blocks, then take a piece of cotton, puor it with alcohol and place it under the can, after that fire it up. Fix the vane with the adhesive tape next to the can, wait for the water to heat, turn into steam and scape through the niddle, this will make the vane rotate.



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    through the middle or the needle?

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