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Introduction: TfCD: Thermo Electric Generator Paper Tea Cup

Thermo Electric Generators can produce electricity when there is a temperature difference between the A and the B side. This instructable shows how you can derive electricity from your hot beverage. It is a cup of tea!

Step 1: What Do You Need?

- 2 Thermo Electric Generators (peltier elements) (TES1-127025) (15.4 V/DC 2.5 A 21.4 W (l x b x h) 30 x 30 x 4 mm) +/- €10

- Transparent tape

- 2 paper tea cups

- 1 Red LED (20mA, 5V)

- 1 Stanley knife

Step 2: Seeling the TEG's

To prevent water from getting in the electric system the TEG's are sealed.

1. Place one layer of tape on the table with the sticky side up.

2. Place the TEG's next to each other with the same side up on the tape.

3. Put a layer of tape on top of the TEG's with the sticky side on the TEG's.

Step 3: The Cold Side BRRRRR

To make the temperature difference between the two sides of the TEG as big as possible the tea cup is divided in to two sides. The cold side (tap water) and the hot side (boiling water). The cold side is half of a paper cup that can be placed in to the paper cup. This half is sealed with the TEG's in tape.

1. Cut a paper cup in half with a Stanley knife.

2. Make sure that the tape around the TEG's is the right size. Cut the extra tape around the cup.

3. Use the transparent tape to stick the TEG's to the cup. (two sides and bottom)

Is it watertight? No? Use more tape! :)

Step 4: Attach the Led

Wind the positive wire (red) around the + pin of the LED and the minus (black) around the - pin of the LED.

Step 5: And Go!

Add the tap water to the cold side and hot water in the paper cup. Place the cold side in the cup and you are creating energy with your cup of tea! When the temperature difference is smaller than 25 degrees of Celsius the light turns of and shows that your tea is at drinking temperature (60 degrees Celsius).

Enjoy your tea! :)

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Did you experiment to find the 25 degree differential or did you have the spec for those peltier elements? I ask because I have a few of them and they seems to be an interesting item to play with. If there were some way to install such things on a vehicle radiator or even the exhaust manifold for the hot side and the ambient temp for the cold side, you could generate some electricity while driving.


    Reply 3 years ago

    We found this during the experiment. The spec sheet didn't say this. They are sure interesting to play with :).


    3 years ago

    This is a fun experiment :)