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This can is just as the name implies. It could be used to keep your hot/hot or cold/cold. Aluminum inside, insulated foam on the outside. It's rather simple to make. It could be used outside or around the house to keep your coffee warm or a beverage cold. You could think of it like your very own coffee coozie :)

Step 1: Things You'll Use

If you'll look at the other pictures below, you see that a 12oz. can , 8oz. foam cup and what I used is a military issued p-38 (can opener). You will need a razor blade and book as well. As you can see most of the items you'll find readily at your home.

Step 2: Remove Top and Sandpaper

First start by removing the top of the can. Like I stated before, I used a p-38 can opener. You may use any tool that might aid you in this process. Once you have the top removed, use sand paper to remove any burs or rough edges that were left behind from cutting the top. Wash your can thouroughly

Step 3: Cutting Foam Cup

Now, cutting the foam by placing a razor blade into a book at a height resembling that in the picture. You don't have to be exact in this process (but remember what page you placed your razor in for future reference). Cut just above the lip of the cup as shown, baring down on the book as you turn the cup with the other hand and the razor will do the rest. After you have the first section cut, using the same cup cut another piece of cup foam cup just a bit smaller than the lip piece on the other cup. This piece will serve as a shim under the lip as you start the cup.

Step 4: Sliding Foam Onto Can

Now slide the second piece of foam (Shim) that you cut, carefully onto the can to the bottom. Now place your first piece of the lip cut down over the can, flush with the bottom foam piece, already on the can.

Step 5: Cut and Add Other Pieces

Now you will continue the process of cutting the lip pieces and sliding them over the previous lip piece.
You'll notice that they fit snug against each other as you piece them together flush.

Step 6: Finishing the Can

Now you'll see it starting to take shape. As you near the top of the can, cut just a lip piece as shown along with another piece of the cup to butt to your stopping point and add the final lip piece to finish.

Step 7: Finished

Your now finished with your can. You can experiment with different finishing ideas such as I have pictured below. I need a cup of coffee now, I mean a thermo-can of coffee. :)



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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Omg what a great idea Im thinking of making one with a can Trying to reseal it so i can put coffee in it and seal it rated 5/5

    I know I'm resurrecting an old instructable, but I wonder... could this thing be emerged in slow cure epoxy to seal it completely? Does epoxy hold up inside the dishwasher? Would it be worthwhile? I may have to give this a shot.

    When I did this, people on this site told me that it was dangerous -- opening the top up breaks the seal between the aluminum and the coating protecting you from the aluminum. Eventually you end up drinking aluminum and all is not well. Just a heads up; otherwise it's a cool idea!

    5 replies

    The people who warned you are misreading a warning - aluminum oxide is one of the strongest substances known, but when used to store acids it IS possible the acid may dissolve the aluminum - but it will take battery acid to do that. Of course, there's always those who just want to start rumors. Aluminum oxide, btw, is REALLY tough - they use it to cut glass when diamonds are not available.

    People who are afraid of aluminum in their drinks are people who believe everything they are told. Hogwash. We grew up with things like aluminum drink cups, etc. There is a lot of that bogus info going around the net and here as well.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    FLATULATIONS- Homo Habilis-- When I lived in China we cooked our noodles in a bamboo tube. Your thermo can is perfect for this: Boil your water and pour it right into the can with noodles and top it tightly. The water will stay hot and in about ten minutes you will have perfect noodles, spaghetti, etc. The advantage is this: You do not have to have the stove using energy for those ten minutes or so it takes for the noodles to soften. You save energy...Fuel. Enjoy...and thanks again for the great "Ibble."