ThermoCham: Wooden Thermo

Introduction: ThermoCham: Wooden Thermo

ThermoCham is a wooden thermo that works as an insulator when you need to carry ANY LIQUID, whether hot or cold.
ThermoCham can keep your Drink temperature, preventing it from weather.

all you need is:
- a wood batten (4x4 in)
-glue for wood
-screw cap (2.75 in)
-large aluminium can

Tools and Machines:
-Sand paper
-Potter´s Wheel

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Step 1: Wood Cylinder

This is the main part of the Thermo.
You can make it using a 4x4 in wood Bar or gluing some wood pieces as it´s seen on the video.

-Put the piece on the Potter´s Wheel to make the cylindrical shape
-When the Cylinder is done, divide it in to parts, doing it will help to make the holes where the can go
-Once you have the two pieces just glue them to make the full cylinder

Step 2: The Top of the Cylinder

is made the same way as the body, the exception is the measurement of the piece and the hole´s depth

Step 3: Assembling

This is the way you assemble all your pieces, it´s OK if you glue them or not.

if you just assemble the pieces without gluing them, it will be an easy way to dissemble for washing

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, that's pretty cool. I've never see a wooden Thermos before. Nice!