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Introduction: Thermocolor (Color-Change) Earrings

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I love color change things. Those cups that turn colors when you put ice in them, those pens that change colors as you write, and especially Thermocolor Paint!

What is thermocolor paint?

  • Thermocolor paint is paint that changes color based on the temperature

If you liked my Instructable on how to make it, you're probably wondering what it can do!

This Instructable will show you the ins and outs of making a pair (or two) of thermocolor color-change earrings!

Here is What You Will Need:

  • Round Frame w/ Glass (I got mine from Hobby Lobby! They go half off every few weeks, even without coupons)
  • Thermocolor Paint (Instructable to make your own is here, I recommend 2-color rather than color-to-transparent, I'll explain why later in the Instructable)
  • Earring Hooks

Step 1: Separate and Paint

There should be 2 panes of glass, so separate them and just paint one set, leaving the other alone for now.

I started trying out with the color-to-transparent paint I made. I found trying to brush it on didn't work so well, so I dabbed it onto the glass.

The color-to-transparent is made with a different base than the 2 color and is thinner and doesn't stick as well to glass.

This took forever to dry, and when it finally looked and felt dry...

Step 2: It Wasn't, and Paint Went Everywere.

Too late to turn around now though, so I continued.

I opened up the frame by unscrewing the top and forcing it open with my fingers to get the glass inside. Once the glass is in, then I screwed the frame shut with the top.

It looked good, but not what I was hoping for so I tried again with the 2-color thermocolor paint.

Step 3: Attempt 2(-color)

This paint is thicker and a bit stickier so it brushed fine onto the glass, and dried quickly.

I got the other pain of glass onto it easily, and it went into the frame with no squishy paint or bubbles or overflow.

Muuuuuch better effect, much easier. I definitely advise using 2-color paint.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Awesome New Color-Change Earrings!!!

Add earring hooks and you are ready to go! Enjoy your new unique earrings!

If you think these earrings are awesome, check out some of my other projects!

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago on Step 4

    Do you think it might have worked better if you etched the glass first ? Kinda like priming it.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    It might have for the blue ones, but I was going for a transparent look, and etching would have made it more frosted and not transparent.

    I will definitely need to try it and see if it works better though.

    The green ones worked great with no etching.