Thermoforming Plastic

STEP 1: You need to have a model in high densitiy foam before you can start
STEP 2: Put the model in the machine
STEP 3: Lower the platform where you've putted your model on
STEP 4: Put a plastic sheet on the machine (this one is 2mm thick) and fasten it
STEP 5: Start heathing the sheet
STEP 6: Check if the sheet is hot enough, blow some air in it. It should go up for 6cm.
STEP 7: Let your model go up and push the vacuum button
STEP 8: Lower your model again and let it cool down.
STEP 9: Open the machine and get your plastic sheet out
This is how you thermoform plastic



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    that's a nice machine...but I wonder if anyone has any of those laying around. Is there anything here that a home-based guy or gal could do...or would it just be a re-hash of other excellent instructables?

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    mr tech1tri2god

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I've seen a few projects that are DIY type vacuum formers. Here are a few that I bookmarked: