Thermostat Controlled Plug

Intro: Thermostat Controlled Plug

Step 1:

List of Parts Needed:
1- 3 Prong 115 Volt Cord
1- 24 Volt Contacter
1- 115 Volt Plug
1- Plug Box
1-Plug Cover
1- Thermostat
  Thermostat wire your choice of length.
  Other 115 Volt wire for short connections
 Box to put it all in is optional, your choice.

Step 2:

Thermostat Control Plug:

I built this for a friend who has a heater without a thermostat control, he was looking for a way to control a heater that came from the factory without thermostat. This design I came up with is working great.

Step 3:

Short Explanation:

The 115 volt is connected to the contacter and the transformer. The transformer sends 24 volts to the thermostat , when the thermostat calls for heat it sends a signal through the white wire to the contater telling it to pull in. This is allowing the 115 volts to go to the plug. This allows your heater to turn on by the thermostat.



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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Hi there.

    I'm sorry if this sounds idiotic, but I would need this running in reverse and I don't know if your design would do.

    I'm in Cancun, and have a metal-roofed shed that gets warmer than my stuff could withstand. Now I have an air exchanger running there 24/7, but I'm hoping that I could get the fan running only when the temperature hits 90 F or higher.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    When looking at your picture that shows the thermostat, it appears you have four wires coming coming from the unit instead of the two on your diagram. What are the green and yellow wires attached to in this picture? I plan to use a digital thermostat and was hoping you could tell me which terminals within the thermostat us hook the wires up to. Thank you.