Things to Do With Hot Glue

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Intro: Things to Do With Hot Glue

Hot glue, liquid duct tape (kinda)

Step 1: Use It to Hold Things in Place

simple, first thing you would think

Step 2: Use It for Quick Semi Water Tight Seal

Put hot glue on the area that need it

Step 3: Pencil Grip

put hot glue gun on the lowest setting (If it just has one setting let it dri for a min.) put glue on the pencil wait a little, then mold it to you fingers.

Step 4: Fake Water (or Milk) Spill

You will need a bit more hot glue for this.

Hot glue gun

non stick paper


put non stick paper down

put cup on paper

then start to "dispense" hot glue all over to make it look like a spill

Step 5: Thats All



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