Things to Do While Bored in School.





Introduction: Things to Do While Bored in School.

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I hate being bored in school during lectures about either crap I really don't care about, stuff I've already learned, something that's completely erelevent to what your learning, don't wan't to do anything, ect. This is an instructable to show you what you can do! =D I am also free for anyone to leave comments on what you do, sort of like a blog. Or just comments in general. I hope this helps having a little more fun during the worst times of your life. ;(


Step 1: Paperclip Jumper

This is a fun thing to do when your bored, and just need to do something. O.K. Let's cut to the chase. (Luv that line!) Materials(Paperclip+hands=smiley :) Take the paperclip, and you see that prong on the far outside?, bend it so that it's at around a 45 degree angle. (Angle doesn't matter a ton.) Now, take the loopy thing and bend it out so it looks like a triangle with the other prong. Sorry if you don't understand. I will try my best to help you on all of these.=D See that prong that's "inside" of the triangle? Bend it so that it matches up with the other line. Now, bend those two lines away from each other, but keep them paralel.(Very important.) Now, take those again, and bend them back, but not so that they stay there, and hold it. (Basically push them together.) Now, while they're still touching each other, lock it, by sliding them on to the opposite side, and when you let go, it should stay, and be a triangle! Now, here's how to make the sucker fly. Place the shortest side on the table. Simply drop so that it falls sideways, the tension will snap, smacking one of the prongs against the surface, launching it into mid air. ( Once I got one of these things to go 40 feet during class, I rofld so hard, no joke. Good times.) Tada. AND these work multiple times, you just have to re-lock it.

Step 2: Tape Man!

Why make this? Because it's very amusing when your bored. KILL HIM! wha what? Whatever. O.K. Take a piece of tape around 3 inches. Lay it out flat with the sticky side up. take another piece of tape about half the size of this. Fold it in half(having the tape stick to itself) so it's a long rectangle, not a square thing. Put it about one fourth of the way down the other piece of tape, so it looks like a t. Now, make the legs by either cutting an upside down v, ect. cut the eyes and mouth, too. You could also draw these but it looks cooler cut. I used a hole puncher. No nose.

Step 3: Paper Skateboard

This one's very easy. Cut out a rectangular piece of paper. Your done! You can use it as a paper skateboard, kinda like a tech deck. You may say these are g@y, but they're great when you're bored. Draw on it even if you'd like.

Step 4: Can Tab Snipe

Grab the tab on top of a can, and bend it back and forth until it breaks. Now, see that space between your middle finger and your nail(Don't worry, better explained in the picture.)? stick it in there, but push hard. It may hurt a tiny bit, but it has to stay on your finger if you turn it upside down to do this. All you have to do to fire it is flick.

Step 5: Use Your Imagination

This is more of a "thinkible". You basically just try and think of your teacher, lectureur, ect, doing something funny, like singing the song "I Like Big Butts" in a strip club, ect. >>>>You decide<<<

Step 6: Mechanical Pencil Staple Shooter

This one is quite easy. First take a staple. (1) Then, bend the two prongs out so it is as straight as possible. then fold it in half. Take off the cap of the mechanical pencil. See that thing where the graphite/led comes out? Push the back of the pencil down on the table. While holding it, slide that thingy down where the led/graphite comes out. Put the staple in there, so that it if you look from the side, you will see two "v"'s, one from the staple, and one from the pencil led/graphite thingy. To shoot, pull the back back.


Step 7: Paper Football

This is a very fun game and it's easy to make. First, I will show you how to make it.

What you need:
One piece of paper
A friend(To play the game with)
At least one hand

Take the piece of paper so that the short ends are on the top and bottom of the paper. Fold the left side to the right. (Or vise versa.) Repeat. Now, take the bottom,(the thin part) and fold in a triangle up. (I will try my best to explain in the pictures.) Then, fold that triangle up. Repeat, while following the triangle already there. At the end, you will notice that there's extra paper, do not fold this small partion over. Fold into a triangle on one side, so that the angle is semetrical to the point. Now, tuck it in the space between the paper. Now you can color/draw on it. (GO PATS!)

How to play:
This is the real way how to play this game. To start, you kick it off. How you do this is you can either A. Make it so that it's hanging off your side of the table and push it, open handed(Which is good for small tables. Also, you have to sit across the other person to play this game.) Or B. You can kick it, by putting it on one of its points, and flicking the bottom, so it goes into the air. (Takes a little practice.) Now, the other person has two options, they can go for the field goal, or go for a touchdown. How to score a field goal, is you put up your fingers in a "U" shape, and they try to kick in in the "field goal" you have made with your fingers. How to go for the touchdown. You normally have 2 downs, but you can choose any amount. To go for the touchdown, 6 points, you simply push the "ball". To score, you must have it hanging off the table. (Remember, multiple downs.) After you score, if you do, you can either go for the kick, 1 point, or 2 point conversion. How to get the conversion, you have get one push, and have to get the same thing as a touchdown. You place the ball about 6 inches away from the "end zone". You alternate after you either run out of downs, miss a field goal, miss a punt, miss a touchdown, or kick off, or get them. Also, After you miss or get something, you have to kick it off, to the other person. Very similar to regular football.

Step 8: Spitball Air Tank

This one's for the lunchroom. All you need is a milk carton, and a straw wrapper, or any paper thing you can use to make a spitball out of. You have to open the carton so that the opening on the top is so that you can see the entire bottom of the carton. First, you drink all of the milk. Then, take the top corners that you used to open the carton, and push them down on the straw, so that you can see a square box, and a straw sticking out of it. After that, push all of the side "walls" in, and push the carton down. Lift it back up, and fold the top near the straw, so that it's pointing forward, instead of up to the ceiling. How to use: Make a spitball, and put it in the straw, but don't take the straw out of the carton. Now, slam on the top of the carton so that it goes down, and the spitball goes flying.

Step 9: Eye Stabbing Prank

This one's also good for the lunch room, and very easy. I got the idea from the movie Hot Fuzz. The movie was pretty good. Although the start wasn't very great, altogether I thought it was still a pretty good movie. O.K. Fold a ketchup packet in half, but DON'T pop it, and hold it though, so it's sort of in a v shape. Now, put in between two fingers, without showing it too much, and with a "corner" facing outward. To do it, you just tell someone to look at what you're doing, and then you take a fork or knive or something, and stab and squeeze the packet, to give a pretty good blood affect.

Step 10: Doodle

You probably know what doodling is already, but to those who don't, it's just drawing. (Guided torward when you're not supposed to be, and/or really bored.) There are many ways to do this, but I normally just cover it up with a book or something when a teacher's looking. SHHH!


Step 11: The End


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Step 12:

Step 13: UPDATE #1

Today, there was this game going around. It's fun when your very bored. What you do is that you take someone's hand, and ask them if they want to play. (If not, whatever.) How you play, is you take their hand, and write someones name on the inside of it, without them knowing who's name it is. Then, write a time on the top of their hand, and ZAP. They have to wait to that time before they can read the name. If they look before the time, they have to ask the person out.

Step 14: UPDATE #2

I found a great way to listen to music during school. So what you do is you take your ipod/mp3 player (it has to fit into your pocket.) and, put it in your pocket. Duh. (But leave the headphones out of your pocket, but still plugged in, and oh yeah, sorry, I forgot. They have to be bud headphones.) Put on a sweatshirt and run the headphone (1) up your sleeve and rubber band the actual headphone to your wrist. (Not exactly on it, but right underneath it.) Now, just put the other head phone in your pocket, and simply lean on your hand where the headphone is.

P.S. You didn't get this from me, by the way, for when you get caught. Not IF you get caught, when. LOLZORZ



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