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I recently started with PCB fabrication and some basic soldering.

The first challenge I came across was... I only have 2 hands. (Come on evolution this is your fault)
So I needed a third hand.

After shopping for one I realized that they are over priced and stupidly simple.
So I built one myself.

Let's do this.
To step number uno

Step 1: Stuff to Add to Your Cart.

Material list:

1. Guerrilla Tripod

2. Alligator Clips

3. Soldering stand - I had this

4. Neodymium magnets - I had this as well


1. Rotary tool (Dremel)
2. Glue gun
3. Soldering iron (to show your friend afterwards)

I had a different shape magnet, but the magnet shape does not matter as long as it's neodymium

Tip: Pay the extra few bucks for delivery, this project is worth it.

Step 2: Disassembly...

Yes you read that correctly...
You have to break apart the camara pod.

It has a interlocking system that simply pulls apart.
So remove te 3 legs from the mounting base. You can save that for some other projects or just chuck it away.
We just want the legs.

Step 3: Cracking Crocodile.

Time for the alligator clips.
They basically hold the component and they look fears when you wave a steak in there face.

Remove the rubber casing to expose the metal clip.
The lower part is going into the legs of the pod.

Now you may be asking:"Bean, what about the magnets and the stand?"
You'll see soon.

Step 4: Sticky Stuff.

You see the clips and the legs like each other. So lets get them together.

Make a small hole in the lower part of the leg (the rubbery part). Remove the runner foot. You can either use the rotary tool or a knife.
Just be careful when using a knife. The plastic is hollow and you can hurt yourself when going thru the first layer.

Bend the lower part of the clip to enter hole. Dab the hole with hot glue and squeeze the clip into it using a twisty motion.

Step 5: Attraction. of Metallic Kind.

Oh now the magnets come into play.
See they also like legs and just cause havoc.

After repeating the last step 3 times, get those magnets.
Apply some glue to the other side of leg.
Establish the center of the magnet and stick it to the freshly glued leg.
Congratulations tou have one arm of the third hand. Now 2 to go

Step 6: Done and Dusted

And there you go, you have your own third hand.
The magnet base of the arms make it great to attach to any metal surface.

1. Background was a foam board sheet (flite test plane in the making)
2. Music for the build was a 2000 Playlist on YouTube.
3. Food by a café round the corner.
4. Don't wear shoes when doing this build. Life is better barefoot.

Thanks guys...



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    9 months ago

    Hey Bean_MD. This is a very useful and yet entertaining Instructable. I don't agree with other criticisms, and I think your English and humor were great. I bought one of those overpriced third-hands on AliExpress, and I hate it. I'm going to take it apart, and rebuild it using your techniques.


    2 years ago

    Good thinking. The experience of a "Ahaaaa....." is a rewarding thing, ( I've ex. it many times, you kind of get a "adrenal rush".

    Go on, Go on with Your inventional creative thought's.

    In them early 17'th centure they said: "there's nothing else to invent, all the things a mankind needs is allready invented" ????? HAH.


    2 years ago

    do you accept extra thinking from me to addon?


    2 years ago

    verry Nice IBLE


    2 years ago

    So far no comments. This is either a good instructable, a bad instructable or you don't have any questions...

    8 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    good must be about 12 years old huh? Some remedial English and spelling would help you greatly in life , now and later on. Keep the thinking cap on!

    And a couple of pictures showing it in use would help.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Hi. Maybe the admin could give us a number of wiewers & writers of this site?

    I guess them "NON"- english writers go up to 100's of thousands, (me = 1 of them. I'm a FIN, english is my 3'th language both in reading & writing), So, people "newer" mind them "gramma-errors" in these instr's. If the idea comes clear to You dispate the gramma, then OK.


    Reply 2 years ago

    let HIM.

    Watch what happens,

    Enjoy the show. WINK WINK


    Reply 2 years ago

    Unfortunately, he is kind of correct. Grammar is VERY important to ANY language, but especially English. Very subtle changes can greatly effect the meaning of of statement, from meaning the complete opposite of what was meant to be said, to complete gibberish! English is a very technical language, some parts (like sarcasm) don't appear in written English, only spoken English (people often confuse irony or mockery with sarcasm, it isn't Sarcasm is the use of vocal inflections to convey irony to mock or convey contempt many dictionaries have an incomplete or incorrect definition). You should always try to use proper English when trying to give instructions, it is best to always assume the readers are fluent in the language.


    Reply 2 years ago

    As Oscar Wilde once put it, "Critics get to watch the show every night, but they can't do it themselves..." Nitpicking the standard of a person's English is hardly on topic when they have gone to the trouble of conveying practical information such as those who contribute to this site. That said critics are frequently American is doubly galling!


    Reply 2 years ago

    Hi. To me it looks quite good enough for a instr. That is: if you have, (allmost all we have...these), handy. You use that you got handy.
    Nice idea. Just 1 propose: Put some e.g. shrinking tube on them croko's (both sides) to prevent damage on the PCB, or whatewer you are working on


    Reply 2 years ago

    Why haven't I thought of that moment...

    Would you mind if I add that to the instructable?.
    I was wondering what i can use to buff the grips a bit. Heatshrink will work wonders...


    2 years ago

    Looks ok to me pal, well done... John :)


    2 years ago

    clear instructions. Maybe no doubts were triggered in the minds. Lol.