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Introduction: Logo for 3D-printing or Signmaking

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I noticed this contest just a little bit too late to enter some of the other ideas I had, but would like to briefly present one way in which I would use the Replicator2.

My talents and education are in Graphic Design & Illustration.  I also study electronics avidly. So from time to time I get to design artwork for others.  This time, I wanted to design something for myself. 

This instructable will cover the design I have chosen for my logo and how a 3d printing of the design will look cool in my workroom.
Having an option to add texture and dimension to my work (not just signs) would help me make the designs I create even better.

Let's get started...

Step 1: Design the Logo in a Vector-based Graphics Editor

I designed my logo in Adobe Illustrator.  Yeah, it costs a fortune but it is very precise when it converts fonts to outlines.  This feature is handy when you use devices such as vinyl cutters, plotters and 3d printers.  Inkscape and other options are available and can offer even more features-depending on what you are trying to do. So if you don't have this app, you can try what you feel comfortable with.

I designed this logo for myself.  It's not a brick and mortar store. It is my office & garage at home :-).

This design was created using mainly type.  The only thing I did was adjust the spacing of the letters.
I then "grouped" the lettering and converted it to outlines. Finally I saved it to a .AI & .EPS file for import into other softwares.

Here is the result:

Step 2: Convert to 3D

While this conversion isn't perhaps what will be needed for a Makerbot product, this will give us the basic view of what I intend to do with the logo.

I want to print out a 3d version of the lettering in red.  The sign will then have depth and will look nicer.

After selecting the appropriate text, I chose "Extrude & Bevel" from the 3D menu.

Here's what we have:

Step 3: That's It!

Logo design should be simple.  Don't go crazy with color or wierd add-ons.  You want people to remember your name, not the funny things you do to it.

Thanks for your time... Please look up my profile to learn more about me.

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS AN INSTRUCTABLE OF A FICTIONAL COMPANY. AT THIS TIME, LOWTHER DIGITAL IS NOT A REAL COMPANY. I own the domain and Lowther is my last name, so I give myself permission to enter this material & design. It's primary purpose is to further my enthusiasm in various digital projects.  Therfore, my disclaimer is such that this is just my own idea of improving my Geeky workroom.

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