Make a Billboard From a Broken LCD TV.




Introduction: Make a Billboard From a Broken LCD TV.

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From a broken tv screen. I came up with the idea of making it an advertisement.

Step 1: I Used the Segmented LEDs. Use 5 LEDs for This 32 Inch TV

Step 2: Equalize the Led Segments for Balance

Step 3: The Wires Connected the Leds Together. Then Use Silicone Glue to Fix Them

Step 4: Once Fixed, It Will Look Like This

Step 5: The Reflective Part of the Tv. You Paste the Decal on the Top of the Reflective Sheet

Step 6: This Is the Decal Sheet. You Print the Size to Fit the Tv

Step 7: Remove the Decal. Using a Glass Cleaner Makes It Easy to Glue Onto a Reflective Sheet

Step 8: Use a Glass Cleaner Tool to Remove Excess Water

Step 9: After Completing the Installation of the Border Around

Step 10: The Power for the Leds Themselves Is 12v 10A. Behind the Screen

Step 11: Use a Drill to Fit the Switch Behind the Tv

Step 12:

Step 13:

Step 14: Use Silicon Glue to Fix the Switch

Step 15: Replace the TV Cover

Step 16: Full the Video Assemble.



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    Clever way to reuse materials. Most people would have just thrown it out. But you made something useful out of it. Keep up the good work.

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    It certainly is nice to have a talet like yours.

    Sheena-you don't monkey around.png