Thomas Bangalter Alive 2007 Helmet Replica





Introduction: Thomas Bangalter Alive 2007 Helmet Replica

Hello! This is my first submission to Instructables. I was going to make it in to an Instructable, but a lot of things came up and I didn't have time. Well, here it is. Its not perfect, (I had to make it in less then a week and a half) and this was my first time making anything like this what so ever. The helmet is flat black with red sound controlled EL wire. I wore this for Halloween, and I got a lot of attention from it! helped me a lot through out this time consuming process. It took forever and it took a lot of sanding but it was worth it! I might be making an Instructable soon-ish. Please vote for my Slideshow in the Halloween Contest.  (Oh, and I'm Sorry most of the pictures are really blurry, I had to use my cell phone camera). Constructive Criticism is welcome!



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    Oh, and there isn't going to be an instructable.. I lost all pictures, and, I dont have much time. Like, at all. haha

    I did an Alive encore version of Guy Manuel, check it out : )

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    That is amazing! I wish I had the patience to do a mold for helmets. They look so much better!

    Maybe actually.. It would be pretty expensive though.. email me.

    it looks like you forgot the mouth slit but pretty awesome none the less

    I used 13 feet, but I did it wrong. If you use about 25 feet you can get the medium size anddouble it over in places. That's what I would recommend. And drill holes instead of using electrical tape.

    I like it! tbh i think u did a good job in the time you had.