Thomas the Engine

Introduction: Thomas the Engine

About: I am a hobist with lots of hobies from carpentry to mechanics. There is hardly any thing that i am not interested in.

Made Thomas the friendly engine out of few cardboard boxes. The cardboard is double layered so that my 3 year old can not crush my creation easily. The boiler is made from a paper pen stand I made a long time back from double layered card paper. The chimney is made from the cap of a toothpaste tube. Could not take the chance of making it with paper (pretty fragile).

Could not take pics of the process as I was not sure about how it will end.

Will paint it and upload some more pics.

Step 1: Paint It

Got some images from the net and started painting it. Did not make the exact replica but filled in with some red boxes. Important was the digit "1" as it gives a special something to recognize.

Step 2: One Satisfied Customer!

My kid was mighty happy with the output. It was fun seeing him choochoo with Thomas!

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    Cool creation, can't wait to see some more pictures of your painting process! Thanks for sharing!