Thompson Machinegun (Tommy Gun) for Atrezzo

Introduction: Thompson Machinegun (Tommy Gun) for Atrezzo

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Let's make an Thompson model 1928 machine gun (for atrezzo), with double handle. Measures match to actual ones. You have the measures in the image.

We will need:

- Porexpan

- Cardboard, paper

- Scotch tape

- Black and brown painting

- Glue

- Screws

- Cutter

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Step 1: Butt

Draw the butt on a porexpan piece and cut with a cutter. Cover it with paper or cardboard. Glue it.

Step 2: Handles, Body and Canon

As you made with the butt, draw the pieces of the body and the handles and cut them.

The canon is different. First, roll up a fine cardboard in cylindrical way, in order to form the base of the canon; secondly, roll up another fine and shorter cardboard in conic way, to simulate the joint with the body. Reserve a small piece to make the end of the canon and the gun look.

Shall you cover the porexpan pieces with paper or cardboard in order to protect them. If you use spray painting, be careful because it is corrosive for porexpan.

Step 3: Drum Magazine

Cut 2 circle cardboard pieces to about 160 mm of diameter, and a rectangular cardboard piece to 30 mm of width and 503 mm long (160 mm * pi). Once you have joined one of the circles with the rectangle, fill it with with porexpan pices to reinforce it. Finish this putting on the other circle and joining it.

Step 4: Painting

Paint the pieces; personally I used sparay painting because it was easier for me, but you can use brush if you want. Use bright black for "metal" pieces and brown for the butt and the handles. Leave it dry.

Step 5: Joining the Pieces

Join the pieces with glue and/or screws, It is your election. I used both. Enjoy it and be the most dangerous gangster ;-).

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