Thor`s Mjolnir Pendant





Introduction: Thor`s Mjolnir Pendant

I made a wooden Thor`s pendant for my friend

Check out my YT channel and


Step 1: Cut

Cut with a coping saw

Step 2: Truing the Sides

Use the chisel and a metal file

Step 3: Finish It

Sand and drill a hole for a cord

Step 4: Praise the Thor



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    what is the name of your you tube channel. I worry about clicking links. I tried on a seperate Instructable and it was a virus. ( not a link by you) . t.y.

    1 reply

    What?? a virus... ?? My name on YT is Epic Workshop, write me a comment on one of the video :) I will reply within a minutes unless I sleep :p

    Thank you so much, I will put another video in next few days on my YT channel