Thread Spool Embroidery (Fail Report)

Introduction: Thread Spool Embroidery (Fail Report)

It was an interesting idea, and, maybe, somebody with more patience and persistence will be able to make something good with it. But I wasn't. After several attempts I eventually gave up on this project in favour of other ones, and I don't think I'm going to return any soon.

So, the idea was to use thread spools (with thread on them) as some sort of a canvas for embroidery, thus producing in this way decorative ornamental pieces. And, while it didn't work out for me, I still believe that this concept has potential, and this is why I want to share my experience in case, if somebody decide to improve it and get some actual result.

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Step 1:

So here's the spool and embroidery thread.

Curved needle is a convenient thing to use on round spool, so this is something I can recommend.

Step 2:

If you look closely, you'll see, that the way the thread is coiled on a spool create these rombic pattern. This is what I decided to use as a guide and just fill those rombs with stitching.

And yes, this not what I depicted on my initial sketch, but that idea was dismissed as soon as I saw the mentioned pattern and some other reasons. I also tried making small stitches around those rombs, but eventually switched to what I'm showing here.

So, after finishing this first small area I still was pretty optimistic.

Step 3:

Then I changed the thread and started to fill the neigbouring romb with different color. In process I realized that on wide areas you don't have to pull the needle underneath all the width and can just make loops around the bunch of threads on the top and the bottom... so this is a tip to notice.

Everuthing was kind of ok.

Step 4:

But after passing half of the romb It became obvious to me, that I won't be able to keep the edge even and consistant due to the way the thread is coiled on the spool. It change the direction, and while on one half of the romb I have nice edge to wrap the embroidery thread around, on the other half, there is no such thing, so it's really hard to keep things even. Moreover, stitching tends to destroy the alignment of threads making everything even more messy.

Eventually it bacame too frustrating for me, and I decided to not spend more time on this.

Maybe I'll return to this idea sometimes later, but this is it for now. Thanks for your attention, and failuare is just another way to succeed... in undesirable way... or to not give up... untill you're a dinosaur... I don't know, what I'm saing...

P.S.: If I'll get 3 favourites, for some misterious reason, I guess, I'll enter the Fiber Art Contest with this project.

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