Thread Stand for Sewing Machines




After making two Lightbulb Aquariums, mom asked me to make her a thread stand, so here it is! This is my first Instructable, so please tell me what you think.

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools

Wood (scrap from previouse project, about 4" square)
Wire clothes hanger
Bamboo skewer
Wood glue
Needle nose pliers
Measuring tape
Staple gun

Step 2: Cut Wood

Cut off a square(ish) piece of wood, about 4 inches with the saw.

Step 3: Sand

Just Round of the edges and corners

Step 4: Find Center of Square

Flip the piece over, and find the center of the square by finding the midpoint of the length and width. (there should be an X. :P)

Step 5: Drill

Find a drill bit that is the same size as your bamboo skewer. Put it in the drill, and plug it in. (I have included a picture of the "safe" way to use an extension cord. Just tie a square knot and DO NOT TIGHTEN!!!) Drill a hole in center of X (more or less)

Step 6: Sand (again)

Just need to flip over the square again and sand down the junk around the hole.

Step 7: Cut Skewer

Make sure the skewer fits in hole. Put smallest spool of thread you will be using on the skewer and mark The height on the skewer. Then cut it at mark with needle nose pliers and sand.

Step 8: Cut Coat Hanger

You want 16 inches from this, so make a cut at the corner, and another one closer to the hook on the opposite side.

Step 9: Bend the Wire I

Bend the endthat isn't already bent (yeah, I know thats weird) at a 90 degree angle, bout 2 inches on the end. Then lay it flat on the table and bend up 90 degrees, 2" from initial bend.

Step 10: Bend the Wire Part II

Go to the opposite end (the one that was bent before step 9) and with the L shaped part on the ground, make sure they're parallel to eachother. Bend the wire around in a loop, trim off excess, and bend end so it's not sharp.
*note, the loop doesn't have to be closed.

Step 11: Staple

Staple the "L" shaped part of the wire to wood square. Hammer the staples so they are tight. I suggest 4 staples, 2 for each part of the "L."

Step 12: Glue

Put some glue in the hole and insert the skewer. Twist it around a little bit, to make sure it's coated with glue. Clean off any excess, and let sit for 24 hours. Do Not put a lot of glue in the hole. Do NOT tip it to take a picture of what not to do. Do, however, send little sister into house to grab paper towels clean up mess :).

Step 13: Done!

Set up the thread stand next to the machine. Put spool/cone on skewer, and thread through loop. Finish threading the machine from there!

Step 14: Improvements

Things I would do next time...
Connect the wire to the side of the square.
Drill the hole halfway through the square.
Any other ideas would be great!
Hope you enjoyed my first instructable!



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5 years ago on Introduction

I bought a few cones the other week, got home and was stumped on what to do with them. Finally got around to looking for stands online and thought there has to be an easy way to make one myself. I Stumbled across this last night, and after a quick trip to Lowe's where I spent maybe $4 on wood and a dowel rod, and about 10 minutes of work at home I have my very own thread stand. Thanks so much for making this, you really helped me out!


5 years ago on Step 14

I love this idea, so practical and will use it. You did a great job! Maybe you could paint the wire (to match the machine color and cover the block...(paint, decoupage, make it an extra pin cushion, etc). So many ideas, thanks to you :)


6 years ago on Introduction

This is great! Very easy to understand Instructable. I'll be making one of these tomorrow. I was surfing to find one and thought they were too expensive, so glad I found your instructable!


8 years ago on Step 13

Awesome! I knew there was a way of making these rather than spending money on them!


9 years ago on Step 10

Why not just drill a hole to stick the hanger in? Why bend and staple it?

1 reply

I don't know... Maybe it just felt more stable to me? You are welcome to make anyway you think works best.


9 years ago on Step 13

Thanks for the instructable, I think I will be making this! Off topic, but I believe that I have that same sewing machine, only it is branded Morse.


9 years ago on Introduction

thank you! I have one of those, a class 15 clone am I right? It is a wonderful machine!


9 years ago on Introduction

This is a great idea, very useful. Your instructions are clear and seem easy to do. I am going to try this. Thanks for sharing.


10 years ago on Introduction

Setting up to sew a bunch of stuff to sell at an anime convention, was getting pretty ticked about how quick we go through spools, and I found a big cone of thread in the shop, but no way of getting it to work on our machines. So I googled. And here I hit. And it works PERFECTLY! Excellent Instructable!

1 reply

Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

Yeah, thats my mother's baby. An old electric. She converted it to a treadle and made the table herself.


11 years ago on Introduction

If you'd like your project to be included in the Sew Useful Contest, be sure to add a link to your thread stand's Etsy page.

Aunty Y

11 years ago on Introduction

Hey, Nephew! Way to go! I bet it makes life a little easier for Mom! Aunty Y