Thread Tap Stand From a Soda Can and Wood





Introduction: Thread Tap Stand From a Soda Can and Wood

About: Im a woodworker and restoration painter from Finland with a bloodtype of diy.

This project was inspired by a soda can i found sometime at 5am when i was filming my ride home. The video shows the build without an explanation but i induced it in this instructable as well a video is work a thousand words (or was that a picture).

This wont be a fully detailed step by step guide containing printable patterns and measurements as i feel that would be robbing you off the joy of being creative.

Enough rambling lets create something.

Step 1: Find a Soda Can

First we need to find an empty soda can or other beverage can (please don't cheat by buying one).

This type of loot can often be found on the side of the roads, some particular beverage cans often appear (littering the streets) on Saturday mornings. So just head on out and i'm sure you can find one without too much effort.

Step 2: Draw or Loot for a Simple Image or Pattern You Like.

Later on you will be shaping this image in to the aluminium from the soda can. I recommend something simple, personally i doodled together an over-complicated drawing because well i didn't have a plan for what i was going to make yet.

Step 3: Grab Your Loot (beverage Can)

Next you need to cut away the bottom and top of the can. The easiest way to do this is drilling a small starting hole and then use a pair of scissors. Once you cut away the top and bottom you just cut one side so that you end up with a thin aluminium sheet.

Step 4: Sand the Painted Side

Sand the painted side, you dont need to remove all the paint but a good sanding will make it easier to transfer the drawing or pattern plus later on the glue will stick better.

Step 5: Transfer the Image to the Can

Now we need to transfer the drawing/pattern too to painted side of the aluminium sheet.

To do this i used blue graphite paper but the pattern was barely visible so i had strengthen the lines with a pen manually.

Step 6: Lets Get Tedious - Shaping the Metal

The object here is to shape the image in to the metal, for this i first used an old completely dull wood punch pretty much like you would use a pen except you press a bit harder. You could used an empty ball top pen, a dull nail,pretty much any pointy piece of metal with a dull end will work (dont use sharp tools as we dont want to cut the aluminium).

For sharper line use a pointy tool, to smooth things out you can use something like a slotted screw driver. Just be creative and try different things you find around the house.

The main shaping is done on the painted side of the can but you can also turn it over and work on the shiny side from time to time.

Step 7: Adding Some Age or Patina

Once your happy with the result grab some black paint (i used airbrush paint but any black metal paint will do). Use a brush, rag or whatever to spread the paint. Don't worry about spreading it even.

Let it dry a bit just so it starts thickening.

Step 8: Vipe

Grab a rag and softly wipe off any exes paint, then kind of tap the sheet here and there with the rag. This will result in paint being left in all sharp corners and the rest will have a nice uneven thin layer from the tapping. For a stronger effect you can tap the wet paint with wrinkled up plastic bag.

Step 9: Etching

Now we take a knife and simply etch away some parts that we want to stand out.

Step 10: Glue

Once your happy with your metal art you glue the aluminium sheet on to a piece of wood. For this is used a contact glue suited for both wood and metal.

Step 11: Grab Your Thread Taps

Well you could grab drill or other bits.

Now make a little rack for the taps or bits. Make sure the structure is a bit shorter or the same length as the decorative art part that you just made.

I just placed my taps on a back piece and made tiny spacers and a frame on the sides and bottom, then i glued it together. You could just take a block of wood and drill holes for the taps.

Step 12: Grab Some Scrapwood

Grab some scrap wood and make a simple frame around the aluminium plate.

Step 13: More Glueing

Next glue the decorative front piece the stand part.

Step 14: Mounting Hooks

Add some mounting hooks so that you can hang your stand on your wall.

Step 15: Hang Your New Stand on Your Wall

Your done, now you can varnish your new thread tap stand if you like, then hang it on your wall and place your taps or bits.



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