Thread "berlingot" (chalala)

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To make a keyring, for christmas tree or just to decorate.
With thread (wool, cotton, silk) or ribbon, the "berlingot" is easy and cheap to make.
You can make the size you want, just respect the ratio.

Step 1:

Draw the pattern onto a cereal box and cut it.
First score the lines with scissors (you can also use an empty ballpoint pen).
Glue tabs and let it dry.

Step 2:

Glue threads (or the thread if one color) at the beginning of the arrow 1.
Let dry.

Step 3:

Follow the numbering putting your thread as near as possible edges.
Keep a regular tense (without crushing the cardboard !).
Threads don’t have to overlap (push with your nail if you had to).

Step 4:

Cut and glue threads on the bottom of the berlingot.

Finished berlingot seen by top.

Step 5:

Finished berlingot seen bottom and finished berlingot seen aside.

Step 6:

You can see the original tuto HERE.

Enjoy create,

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