Thread Repair Motorcycle / Car / Truck / Boat Etc


Introduction: Thread Repair Motorcycle / Car / Truck / Boat Etc

Rosca problematica, o parafuso ja não aperta porque a rosca está moida.

Problematic Thread, the thread is damaged and the bolt is unable to tight.

Step 1:

O kit (helicoil) usado para reparar roscas de 6mm, tambem disponivel noutras medidas m4/m8/m10...

Kit (helicoil) used to repair 6mm damaged threads, also avaliable in m4/m8/m10...

Step 2:

Tirar a tampa para fora,meter os parafusos por ordem, isolar a area a ser trabalhada

Take the cover out, put your bolts by order ,protect the area that you are going to repair

Step 3:

usar a broca de 6.3mm no buraco de 6mm

Use the 6.3mm drill to drill a hole in the original 6mm thread

Step 4:

Usar a ponta que veio com o kit para refazer a rosca

Use the bit that came with the kit to rebuild the thread

Step 5:

Inserir a helicoil com o aplicador (ajustar a peça central que aparece na primeira imagem para encostar á helicoil), depois usar a peça da segunda imagem para partir a ponta que foi usada para inserir a helicoil (terceira imagem) (não tirei foto desta parte mas é facil e intuitivo)

Insert the helicoil with the aplicator (adjust the center piece to support the helicoil insertion),when its in place use the break pin tool (second image) to brake the small tip (third picture) that was used to insert the coil (i have not take any pictures of this step but its easy to do)

Step 6:

Como novo e mais forte que o original

Good as new and stronger than the original

Google translator used to help in the translation



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    I think I've got an M3 set, and they come in Whitworth, BSF, UNC UNF thread sizes as well but are not as easy to find.