Threading Blinds W/ Tape Needle

Introduction: Threading Blinds W/ Tape Needle

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I was not a big fan of repairing blinds. I had a few blinds to repair and everything goes well for me except threading the slats with the string.

Therefore, I came up with a little trick of making a needle out of tape to make it go better.

Step 1: Items Needed and Make Tape Needle

Items used:
I used blue painters tape. It sticks well and it comes off easy.

Make tape needle:
I removed the bottom plug and all the bad blind slats. I cut small triangle piece of blue tape about 1 inch long. I put the pointed end of the blue tape triangle extended about a ¼ inch beyond the end of the string. Then I rolled the tape to form what I call a tape needle. Ready to thread the slats.

Step 2: Thread the Tape Needle

While replacing the new slats; just push the tape needle through the holes.
The tape needle even fits through the bottom plug.

I removed the tape after I did the final knot at the bottom.

Step 3: That Is It

No need for using a finish nail, piece of wire, etc…

This really saved me a lot of time and frustration.

Now, I do not have any issues with blinds.

I will be able to sleep at night,

so will the family that now have blinds that close up.

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