Three Barrelled Knex Gun




Introduction: Three Barrelled Knex Gun

I was trying to come up with a mechanism with a firing pin and a true trigger. This gun is the result and although it isn't very powerful, i'm hoping someone will be able to improve on my design.

Step 1: What You Need

Step 2: Make the Barrels

Step 3: Make the Trigger

Step 4: Connecting Trigger to Barrels

Make two of the first picture

Step 5: Making and Attaching the Handle

Step 6: Inserting the Ram and Adding Rubber Bands

And you're done. Please feel free to ask questions and leave comments.

And remember that this is a prototype and does not work very well. so please, not too much critisism. Thankyou



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    21 Discussions

    wacth mi video on youtube liam the little freak its rlfunny thk u 0h and ................... the gun is prety cool

    Only thing better would be if it could shoot each barrel independantly. Would solve my problems in a battle of always running out of ammo when needed most.

    i could tell you my system, but it's complicated and bulky. on the plus side, it's unjammable and has a 100% efficiency rate: you can pull it half way and it will fire!

    Dear everyone regarding instructa-fan's comment:First off, he doesnt even look at them once hess posted it, and also theres no point in replieng. second off: his comment has ruined most good knex guns with arguements! Take it to his orange board! he sees that stuff!!! third- dont think im protecting him!!! i hate his guts!!! I wish he would be banned.....

    this is cool!! I made the ram longer and put a new trigger on it!! it rocks with a capital R!!

    nice gun but you should make a longer barrel, i couldnt make it because i dont enuf greys but overall sweet gun.

    can any one modifiy it to auto relode with like a magezine or suntin

    this gun is more than twice as small as the double barrelled gun even though it has an extra barrel

    mepain the vid doesnt work do you have it on utube or sumthing

    mepain post that gun on your vid

    That's a solid design.


    11 years ago

    hey, thats a pretty neat idea, did you see my creations or my vid?