Three Card Monte With a Twist

Introduction: Three Card Monte With a Twist

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This is a little twist on Three Card Monte. I cannot take any real credit for this trick as it was store bought. I would love to provide a link to it or the name but it has been in my magic suitcase for close to twenty years. From way back in time before the internet when you would actually travel to your local magic supplier and watch as they impressed you with miracles you could purchase for a low low low fee.

After you watch the video read the secret:

The red card is a gimmick-ed card, it holds a secret compartment which the black King tucks into. Once you square up the pack the "trick" is done. This leaves you clean to then manipulate the three cards anyway you like as you patter.

When you do buy tricks like this I advise to get something made out of the same kind of cards you use for other tricks. If you are doing a routine and have other card tricks it will make this look more real as if they were just some cards in the pack of 52.

This trick also makes for a creative way to apologize to someone.

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