Three Easy Helpful Tips for Taking Photos

Introduction: Three Easy Helpful Tips for Taking Photos

Ever wanted to make a great splendid photo? Well now you can with my three easy tips to taking photos!

NOTICE: All the photos in this instructable was taken by me using these tips:)ENJOY!

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Step 1: Tip One: Alway Use a Tripod

Using the Tripod will help you take a good photo without the blur or shaking of the arms.
However there are some tips for using a Tripod:
1. Alway use on a flat surface that is not on a slope or slant.
2. For a height photo, use the extentable legs for a higher view.

Step 2: Tip 2: Get Down on Their Level

If the Shooter gets down on the objects level, the photo will come

out to be a better shot then from taking the photo from below or

above it. It will help get the power of the wonderful gazes and

mesmerising smiles.

Step 3: Tip 3: Move Close to the Object

By moving close to the object, you can capture the full attention

of the object and its mindblowing details. It will also eliminate

the distraction of other objects close to it.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    nice... few months ago...i cant take any good picture...(and my only camera is built in my cellphone...1.3mpx T_T...) n lucky i found out the numer 2 n number 3 trix myself...n i agree with you...these trix made great splendid photo! :)


    12 years ago on Introduction

    wow these are some awesome pictures but I guess because some of the stuff you photographed is a little foreign to me probably if I took pictures of moose or deer you would find them more incredible than I .