Three Hour Bar

Howdy, folks!
This here is a small bar (4 ft. wide, 3 ft. tall, 14 in. in depth) i built a few months ago for a school project (go Mira Loma Gatsbyville!). I was a bartender in a 1920's themed school-wide project, and i decided instead of the mundane fold up tables that people usually use, i was going to build my own bar. So, here it is. i used pine 2x4 for the shelves, braces, and foot rest mounts, and i used varying thicknesses of particle board for the sides and top. PVC was used for the foot rest. Sorry i don't have a step-by-step, i just didn't feel like breaking it down and rebuilding it. Totally, construction took about three hours with materials that i had lying around the garage.

Please vote! I could use a new drill! Thanks guys, and happy building!

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