Three Leaf Clover




Introduction: Three Leaf Clover

This Bracelet is similar to the Hibiscus Bracelet by Rainbow Loom. Instead, this clover only has three parts differing from the Hibiscus which has five. I hope you enjoy making the clover!

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Step 1: Gathering the Materials

You will need:

(1) Rainbow Loom

(3) C clips

(1) Rainbow Loom hook

Several rubber bands

Step 2: Placing the Bands

Lay one rubber band vertically on the first peg to the right. Make sure you are starting on the side where the red arrow is pointing away from you. 

Step 3: Placing the Bands

Place another rubber band above the previous band. 

Step 4: Placing the Bands

From the first band, place a band going diagonally into the center peg.

Step 5: Placing the Bands

From the second band placed, place one diagonal band going into the center.

Step 6: Placing the Bands

Place one more diagonal band above the previous band. Also, place a band going forward above the red arrow. 

Step 7: Placing the Bands

Place another band going forward after the previous forward band.

Step 8: Placing the Bands

Place another diagonal band from the center peg to the right. 

Step 9: Placing the Bands

Place another band going diagonally to the right from the next middle peg. 

Step 10: Placing the Bands

Place the last diagonal band going to the right from the last middle peg. 

Step 11: Placing the Bands

From the first diagonal band placed on the right side, place a forward band.

Step 12:

Place another forward band on top of the previous forward band. 

Step 13:

Creating the cap band: You are basically making one rubber band stronger by doubling it. To do so take one rubber band, twist the band around your fingers, and place it around itself. Turn the loom around and place the band to the first peg to the left. 

Step 14: Finished Placing the Bands

This is what the bands should look like after all the bands are placed, the loom is turned around, and the cap band is placed on the loom.

Step 15: Looping the Bands

Using the hook or your fingers, pull the cap band back. Grab the top most band and pull it forward. 

Step 16: Looping the Bands

Use the hook to grab the next top most band and loop it forward. 

Step 17: Looping the Bands

From the first group of bands that are already looped, grab what would have been the bottom band to the right. 

Step 18: Looping the Bands

Continue with the next column of pegs. Refer back to the previous looping steps if you need assistance. On the last column of pegs, loop forward the top most bands as shown below. 

Step 19: Finishing Looping

Use your hook to grab all of the bands after you have looped the last band. Make sure all of the bands are around the hook or everything will fall off. Put all of these bands around your fingers and place a c clip around them  to secure.

Step 20: Finished Leaf

This is what one of the three leaves should look like. 

Step 21: Repeat Steps 1-12

Repeat steps 1-12 carefully. 

Step 22: Turn the Loom Around

Turn the loom around.

Step 23: Looping the Bands

Place your finished leaf on the left side of the loom closest to you. Continue looping as before. The leaf that was just placed on the loom acts as a cap band so make sure that band is pulled back! Steps 14-19 can assist with the looping process if you need help.

Step 24: Finished Looping

You are now finished looping. The loom should look like this.

Step 25: Attach a C Clip

As done before, grab all of the bands on the top right side of the loom and put a c clip on them to hold them together. A photo is shown in step 19.

Step 26: Two Leaves Completed

After you carefully take the bands off the loom, your second leaf and your fist leaf should look like this together. 

Step 27: Placing the Bands

Place all of the bands again. See steps 1-12 for assistance.

Step 28: Turn the Loom Around

Turn the loom around.

Step 29: Attaching the Leaves

Attach the two leaves onto the first left peg closest to you. You are now ready to loop the last leaf.

Step 30: Looping

Loop the last leaf. Refer to steps 14-19 for assistance.

Step 31: Attaching a C Clip

Place a c clip to the bands again. Pull the bands off the loom and the leaves are completed!  

Step 32: Finished!

Your creation should look like this!  

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