3 Simple Steps to an Electric Vehicle in Your Driveway.

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My intent is to make being an EV driver a simpler process; to offer the basic information you need to make a wise decision without information overload. Dig in deeper info-wise where you need, or do only these basic steps. I believe you'll be quite satisfied with the result.

My experience: I have leased a 2011 Leaf EV, drove it over 10,000 miles. I returned it after completing my three year lease and purchased a 2014 Leaf EV.

Thanks for considering driving electric,

Step 1: Electric Vehicle or EV Needs to Be Your Second Car

Electric Vehicle or EV needs to be your second car; your primary car remains gas powered for longer trips. Image should be electric and gas; keep both. Exception: Tesla cars can be a primary car because of their 200+ mile range and many fast charge stations.

More EV car options >

Step 2: Lease an EV to Minimize Your Commitment

Lease an EV to minimize your commitment; select a dealer who will complete the rebate and all other paperwork such as license plates, registration, carpool lane stickers.

EV lease and buy options >

Step 3: Charge From Standard Home Wall Outlet

Charge from standard home wall outlet; adds ~ 30 miles per 10 hour night. This rate of charge may be all you need for an around-town, short-trip EV.

If you need to charge faster,
I have this home unit from Charge Point on my garage wall. I do not work for Charge Point. >

These steps are the basics of what you need to drive an EV.
I like knowing if this info has been helpful. Do send me a note if you have taken a test drive and/or leased a car.

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