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Introduction: Three Small Sidearms

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As the title implies, these are three sidearms Ive had lying around for ages. None of them are especially powerful or accurate, I do however think the designs are quite original. They are all very simple and require few parts.

1: Crossbow Pistol. Features a true trigger with no moving parts. Fires just about any type of connector 50-60 feet. For anbody who built my revolver, its essentially a singleshot version of that.

2: RBG Pistol. This is basically a frame and trigger, and Im hoping it can be modded. I have built a stronger version that could hold the load of about 15 bands. It fires the bands all at once.

3: Rod Sling Pistol. This was my very first knex gun design, from years ago. Interestingly, it never occured to me to use the firing pin design, it made much more sense to use the band to directly fire the rod. Very quiet in operation.

Step 1: Crossbow Pistol

If you havent already built it from the first photo, follow this...

Step 2: RBG Pistol

Follow the photos. Simple.

Photo 4: This is where you want to build your own frame. I really cant offer you any guidance, just make something stronger than what I have.

Step 3: Rod Sling Pistol

Erm, follow the photos?

NB: If you can, file a U-shaped groove in the end of a rod before loading it into this gun. It stops the band from slipping off the end of the rod, which can get very frustrating.



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    rod sling pistol is well, quiet quite powerful 6 secs to reloAD 7.5/10

    #3 is really cool sort of a stealth pistol because it is so quiet

    i gota say i do have hundreds of broken Rbs, but like 50 of them are tied together to make a single frankenstien Rb

    1 reply

    Ya know somethin'? My "project nine" crossbow used the same system as your Rod Sling Pistol :D

    i really like that crossbow - if it were bigger, with a more complex bow and a fake scope and stock it would be like a delta repeater off Nightfire. the pic 3. gun looks good - very intuitive.

    i have HAD hundreds of broken rubberbands, but i don't save them.

    Rofl at "This uses broken elastic bands. As a dedicated Knex gunner, you must have hundreds." I have about 3000 from Ipod killer's sniper rifle xD.

    Cool! I like the 3rd one best. "This uses broken elastic bands. As a dedicated Knex gunner, you must have hundreds." LOL! So true