Three Tips and Tricks With the Nerf ZombieStrike Hammershot




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The Nerf ZombieStrike Hammershot is a new gun in Nerf's new line of "ZombieStrike" blasters. These Halloween-themed toys are supposed to be a special line for battling "Nerf Zombies." It is one of the most popular blasters of the new Nerf arsenal, and has many favorable features:

-It is hammer-action, a rare function which makes the toy dual-wieldable. This is an ability that in past times was only achievable with blasters such as the Barricade, Stockade, Stryfe, and Raider; all of which were either noisy, inaccurate, weak, or had some other type of performance problem. You can also fan the hammer.

-It is well balanced and lightweight, making it easy to use with one hand.

-It is small, yet can reach 75-foot N-Strike Elite ranges.

-It has great performance.

-It is silent, making it an ideal choice for sneak wars and Humans Versus Zombies.

It comes with some drawing stensils.

Furthermore, the blaster has infinite modding capabilities, as well as a few rather less-known features. This Instructable will be covering three simple tips and tricks for the Nerf ZombieStrike Hammershot, such as:

-Simple band power mod.
-Extra dart storage.
-Correct loading technique.

None of these tips require any modifying to the blaster that could result in damage to the toy or the person using it, however I accept no responsibility for any problems, damage, injury, or hardships caused by this information.

Step 1: Rubber Band Mod

This is a simple rubber band mod that will give the Hammershot a bit more power.

You will need:
-The Nerf ZombieStrike Hammershot.
-Up to three #64 rubber bands.

Loop the band's around and under the front of the tactical rail. Hook the other end of each band around the back of the hammer prime, as shown. Do NOT let the bands slide under the hammer, as they will cause friction and result in unchanged performance.

Make sure you can comfortably prime the blaster, and test fire to make sure the bands aren't rubbing. Your Hammershot should now have a bit more power!

Step 2: Correctly Loading the Darts

Loading the darts correctly into the blaster will result in more accuracy and consistency.

To load the darts correctly, insert the darts in such a way that the small hole in the top of each dart is facing outward, at an exact opposite direction from the center of the barrel.

Your Hammershot will now be more accurate and consistent during use.

Step 3: Extra Dart Storage

There is a little-known place on the Hammershot where three extra darts can be stored. It is located under the barrel in the opening in front of the black rounded piece. Three darts stored here will fit snugly enough to keep from falling out, but not so tightly that they will be crushed, or damaged.

Step 4: Test!

Test your Hammershot with all of these tips and tricks! I'm sure you will find them useful in a Nerf event! Have fun battling zombies!



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2 years ago

nice tips, one problem: the rubber band flies off when I spin It


4 years ago on Introduction

I've had my Hammershot for awhile now, and while I didn't really try your mods (except for the dart storage one) I did add power by removing the air restrictor. I would highly reccommend you do that because the gun is a beast without it.

15 replies

Thanks, Jonny! I personally never see any difference when removing the AR's. A few feet, maybe, or perhaps a bit of recoil at best. Brass barreling or breeching is much more satisfactory to me. I do remove AR's if it's easy to get to them, but otherwise I really don't see the point unless I'm doing another mod at the same time. :)


Reply 4 years ago

Lol, I'm a bit similar but opposite. (if that makes any sense at all) I like simple straight forward mods like removing the air restrictor and sealing the plunger tube better, while avoiding huge complicated mods, like brass barreling and what not. It seems like so much could go wrong replacing the barrel with brass, plus I lack the resources to make the cuts it requires.
I do plan to get some new parts from orangemodworks to further increase my performance because I leave the part making to the professionals.
Regardless everyone has an opinion that's just my angle.

True, but big mods get easier the more you do them. OMW parts are a great alternative though. Sorry for the late reply, you still have my # if you want to contact me faster though. :/


Reply 4 years ago

yeah but have you seen the price for the orange mod work kit? More than the gun is worth!


Reply 4 years ago

Haha well it depends on how badly you need/ want an epic gun!

Btw K'nex is making a Nerf knockoff of its own. I'll post a forum topic on it sometime during the week.


Reply 4 years ago

Did you get your hands on one? I'm looking forward to it reaching the sales floor!

Forum topic is up:

Nah, and I really don't think I will. If I see one at the store I'll get one, but I'm not trying to find them or anything. I'm a real "Nerf or Nothin'" man myself. Gotta go with the real thing, you know.

I'm stuck on that Nerf Mega Rotofury though! That looks awesome! I got the Rhino-Fire for Christmas, and it's pretty epic! You gotta get some of these upcoming guns!

(Picture shows the Rotofury in all of its glory).


Likewise, I just buy used K'nex at garage sales. However it'll probably show up at toy particular retailers. I know you can get a set of Classic K'nex at Toys R Us.


Reply 3 years ago

Got the Cycloneshock and BigShock now, they are awesome! Did you get one yet?

Got the Cycloneshock, and I already rebarreled half the turret with cpvc for Elite darts. I didn't see a point in buying the Bigshock or Mega Jolt because I've never been a fan of single shots. Of course my loadout uses a 18 dart magazine Rapid Red as a secondary. I've been recently doing a lot of nerf lately....

Yeah, its called power tools, knowledge, and the internet. Because it's often been done before. I just like copying the mods I like aesthetically, and also then I don't have to pay a rediculous price for someone else to do it for me.

I'm looking forward to that Zombie Strike Grenade Launcher and the Crossbolt personally. I like how the unique concepts they bring. I'm not exactly sold on the mega line yet. The only one I'd buy would be the cyclone shock, so i can rebarrel it for elite darts. I've seen this mod get some ridiculous ranges.