Introduction: Threel-EGG-ed.

I saw the egg-bot chalenge, and I could not  figure out what to make.On saturday I painted a few eggs for easter and suddenly it popped in to my mind... lets make a silly looking egg.  Im not very talented in makeing stuff but I hope its OK. I made  a weak tutorial  about how did I make this "thing" .  

And sorry  about the writing.. My English is not the best...  :)
If you want to check out how I did it.. the next step is what you will need.. IF you are bored all ready, go read something else..:)

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Step 1: Stuff That You Will Need

Basically you need just a few thing :

> An empty egg (blown out)
> Some paint to paint the egg
> Paint brushes
> A few peaces of wire for the lEGGs 
> Small cogs, peacews of metal, and every junk that you think it will look cool on it

> You will need some super glue ( I dont know  how do hthey call it where you live,but where I live its called super glue) to glue everzthing together.
 > a pencil to draw yur design on to the egg 
 > And a small rubber tube to hold the legs in place.

* First of all make shure that you have a decent hole on the top so the legs will fit.

Step 2: Paint the Egg

Now just draw some  silly designs on the egg , or you can just paint it randomly thats fine too.... 
No need to explain this step too much...

Step 3: Gluing on the Stuff

Its a nother simple step... actually all steps are easy.  Find a palce on the egg where your junk will look good  and glue it there.
I made the eyes from a nut and a cog, the mouth is from paper so it can be seen, cause if the mouth was made from something yellow,orange,red ,brown .. than it would blend in with the colours of the egg. This way the mouth stands out a bit. Dont forget wich side of the egg is up ( from the top hole will the legs come out)

Step 4: The Legs

Now.. bend the three legs  into the same shape. The shape is allmost like a U ,but its more like an L shape with a loop in the corner... 
Its not much of a work..  just figure the shape out how will this thing stand. It does not need to be the shape as mine. it can be full of loops, or zigg-zaggy .   Than get a pencil or some kind of rod/tube/stick  and put it on the wire where you want the wire to have the loop, now bend the wire around the pencil and there you have it. 

Put the three legs to gether in a triangle shape  and put it trough the hole in hte egg to check if it fits right, and it stand as you wanted it. ( mine is not in the way I imagined it but Im too clumsy so this is what i made :D )

If its OK. than cut down a small peace of rubber tubeing and pull it on  the three legs,cause its easy to do, the legs stay together, and the glue is not the best for this job. xD.  

Now that you done this.. force the legs with the rubber tubeing inside  the hole... its not bad if you have to force it in... attleast it will fit snugly and wont fall out.   USE THE FORCE!! :D 

Step 5: Finish

There you have it...  Now the only thing  to do is to name the thing and put it somewhere where everybody can see it . Or.... If it got ugly as mine  just ceep it in a place where just  a few people can see it. 

Thanks for reading my instructable, I hope you liked it,and didnt found too much writing mistakes....
If you you have any questions,problems or ideas for this project feel free to write it in the comments, I would love to get some... cause this is my frist one and some tips allways come handy...
And I will make some new projects related to this soon.. :D I hope....

        Thanks again........ :)

                                                                                                                                                                If its not too much, please vote for me in the  
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