Thrift Shop Wood Bowl Makeover... ❥

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I love paint in all of its glorious forms.

But I particularly like spray paint. Rust-oleum primer and paint in one can is just the best. No clog nozzle. Perfect coverage every time.

Finding thrift store bowls to refurbish and upcycle for a new purpose is that perfect use of spray paint.

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Step 1:

Here I have a dollar find from the thrift store. Looking a bit sad and much past its best.

All I needed to do was clean it and give it a light sand with fine sandpaper.

Then remove the sanding dust.

Step 2:

Two coats of spray paint later...with a wait of 20 minutes between layers.

Turn and paint the inside of the bowl using same procedure.

And once the paint dries this colour - which is Robins Egg
is a wonderful matt finish. I love it because it is just like a chalk paint patina.

Step 3:

This gorgeous upcycled bowl is so pretty and a perfect jewellery keeper.

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