Throat Infection Cure / Home Remedy




In this post I want to share a cure for throat infection. When throat infection comes it is difficult to eat food and take breath. To cure for this is warm salt water gargle. This is very effective cure .

Step 1: Materials Required






Step 2: How to Make

First of all take a glass of water , put on flame add a spoon of salt to it. Stir well and heat for a while till water becomes warm.

Note: Don't boil too much because it will be difficult to gargle

Step 3: How to Do?

NOTE : Before gargle take care that water is not too much warm like boiled water , it can burn your mouth

Take warm water in a glass and sip some water and gargle with it, don't drink water and spit the water after gargle.

Do it five six times. You will get some relaxation to your throat.

Step 4: Other Benefits of This Technique

Effective for cold and cough

Salt water gargle is effective in removing mouth smell

Gargle also aids in removing plaque in teeth, mouth sores and other minor gum related diseases. The saline water acts on the bacteria and helps to clear the germs out.



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