Throw a Frisbee Like a Pro!




Introduction: Throw a Frisbee Like a Pro!


Hello! My name is inventorpro1, and this is my first instructable. In this instructable, I will show you how to throw a Frisbee like a pro! . This is an entry to the outside fitness challenge, so please vote!

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Step 1: Frisbee:overhand

This sport is easy, fun and entertaining. The 3 basic throws are overhand, backhand, and sidearm. For the overhand, put your thumb on top. Stand sideways to your target, then reach back across your body and swing your arm out. Release the Frisbee at your target!

Step 2: Frisbee:backhand

Backhand is slightly more challenging. Grip the Frisbee with the thumb on top, the fingers on the bottom, and your wrist cocked backwards. Throw with arm straight and near shoulder level. Snap your wrist forward at point of release. Congratulations! You threw a backhand.

Step 3: Frisbee:sidearm

The sidearm is the most challenging in beginner level. Hold the disc with two fingers on the underside, thumb on top and wrist cocked back. Swing your arm down at about a 30 degree angle. Keep the leading edge down, and snap your wrist forward to propel. You just threw a sidearm!

Step 4: Enjoy

Have fun! have a shoot out! Tell me some tips and tricks, i'll gladly hear them!

Step 5: Videos

here are some videos that i took. Enjoy!!

The videos in order




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    feel free to tell me some more tips if you know!