Throwing on the Wheel



Introduction: Throwing on the Wheel

In this instructable we'll be showing you how to make a small, short vase.

Step 1: Supplies Needed

1) Bucket of Water

2) Needle Tool

3) The Wheel

4) Apron

5) Wire

6) Sponge

7) Wooden Rib

8) Ball of Clay (size of a softball)

9) Towel

Step 2: Getting Started

First shape the ball of clay into a cone shape, And then slam it into the middle. If you don't make it into the middle just try to make your way into the middle.

Step 3: Getting the Clay Ready

Add water to where the clay was slammed, make the wheel go full speed. Then squish it together so it's a cylinder shape. If you feel that the clay is sticking on your hand then that means there isn't enough water, add water to it if it sticks.

Step 4: Shaping It

Make the clay into a cylinder and start putting your thumb in the middle. Once your thumb is in the middle and if you end up having clay add some water. Make it till your thumb is touching the wheel.

Step 5: Working on the Walls

Making the sides thin: Use your hand that you have outside and use two fingers inside (so there won't be a lot of pressure) and thin it out. Make sure the bottom is the same or close enough as thin as the walls.

Step 6: It Should Be Looking Like...

Step 7: Forming It Into a Vase

You just finish forming it, adding water and thinning things out ( not too thin).

If you want to make a different shape or size you can. Just be aware that the base ( the bottom) isn't to think but not to thin to break.

Step 8: Cutting the Wall, Getting It Off

getting it off; Put water on one side. Get the wire and wrap with your thumb and side it on the bottom, like two times. After you do it back and forth you will be able to side it off. Slide it into a piece of wood and let it try for couple of hours or a day and make sure its not too dry so you can trim.

Step 9: Trimming

trimming; after it is dry, put it upside down on the middle of the wheel adding some clay in the edges. Get a lobe tool and put it in the center while it mid speed and work your way outwards on one side.

Trim the edges

Step 10: Final Result

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