Throwing Knife




This is my very simple but effective throwing knife that works very well. I AM NOT RELIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSE BY THE MAKING OF THIS!!!

Step 1: Materials

1. Any small knife you can find
2. Electrical tape (or any other color tape u want but scotch tape doesn't work that well)
3. A key ring
4. A handle (can be made out of almost any straight solid item works well)
5. Popsicle sticks or large paper clips (optional)
6. Hot glue (optional)

Step 2: Knife Blade and Hilt

First off when u get your knife you need to take the original handle off. Then when you find your handle (i made mine out of a old comb handle).

Step 3: Creating the Knife

So now that you have your knife blade a handle and a key ring you will put the key ring onto the knife and tape it down or hot glue it then tape it you will also do this with the handle. The reason you put a key ring on is because one it looks cool and it helps it to be more stable.

Step 4: Stability

This is where the Popsicle sticks or large paper clips come in. You will need them for the stability of your throwing knife so the blade doesn't fly off. You will need to either hot glue them or tape them on to the knife and handle. You may want to break them in half so that there not to long.

Step 5: Finishing It Off

Now all you have to do is make it look cool and find something to throw it at.



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    sounds cool...wish the pics were larger so I could see..