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Have you ever wanted some motivation for your other instructables? Or just a secret safe that no one knows about. Well, now you can make your very own simple 3D thumbs up sign. This project got created because I was browsing youtube and saw the thumbs up button, then I thought, it would be cool to have a model of your own hand.

For this project you'll need:

One empty soda can



paperclip or any bendable wire

Lot's of hot glue



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Step 1: Building the Fist

Take your cardboard and put a big circular piece of hot glue. Then, make layers so you have about a quarter inch or so of hot glue on the cardboard. This will be the base of the fist. Cut a clean soda can so you have a flat piece of sheet aluminum. Roll it up and glue it down on the cardboard right on the hot glue. Add another aluminum rectangle behind the cylinder and this will be the beggining of the thumb.

Note***If needed, trim excess cardboard off the sides

Step 2: Mold Your Thumb

First, before adding the thumb place a small piece of cardboard on the inside of the can. Take a bunch of tape and wrap it around your real thumb, sticky side out. After you're done the tape should be carefully removed so you can fill it in with hot glue. Try shaking the mold around so air pockets don't form in between.

Step 3: Connecting a Hinge

Take the molded thumb and glue the small wire in place. Drill a hole into a piece of aluminum, then push it through the wire on the thumb. This will be our hinge for moving the thumb back and forth. Glue a circle of cardboard+foam board to the thumb so it looks like a lid. Glue the small aluminum rectangle to the other aluminum board. The thumb should now be able to pivit back and forth.

Step 4: Finishing Our Product

Last step is to take pictures of your hand. Once pictures are taken, you can glue them on to your soda can so it actually looks like a scale replica of your own thumb in real life.

Now you are done with your thumbs up. :)

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