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Introduction: Thumbs Up

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Step 1: Pick Players

You need 5 people to play this outdoor game. One person is the tagger. Another person will be the "spy."

Step 2: Explanation of Parts

The tagger: the tagger will close his/her eyes and count to 30. Everyone else should be hiding except the spy. The tagger will count and close his/her eyes for another 15 seconds, during this time the spy will find out every hiding spot.
The spy: the spy will then tell the tagger every hiding spot without revealing where each person hiding is where. For example, one is behind the tree, one is behind the house and one is behind the slide is correct.

Step 3: Continuation

The tagger: the tagger after finding out where everyone could be will approach any known hiding spot. The tagger will say "thumbs up" and the hider will stick ONLY his/her thumb out. The tagger will then guess who is sticking their thumb out.

The base: the base is the goal of the hiders. All or majority of the hiders have to be on the base at the end of the game in order for the hiders to win. (Or if the hiders have the most points at the end they will also win) The base should be decided between the hiders but it must be pretty far away from the general area of the hiding spots.

If the tagger guesses incorrectly that person waits till the tagger closes his/her eyes to go to a new hiding spot with another hider. The hider has 25 seconds to find a new hiding spot.

Step 4: If the Tagger Does Guess Correctly

Tagger: if the tagger has guesses correctly that hider must run out of his hiding spot to get to the base without getting tagged by the tagger.

If the hider gets to the base, the hider has a choice of either wandering around/staying on the base or finding a new hiding spot with another hider. ( note: If the hider chose to do the second option, the fact that they got to the base still counts.) if when hiding again they get to base untagged again, you still get more points!

If the tagger got the hider before they got to the base that player must hide with another hider in their hiding spot. No points for that.

Step 5: Two People One Hiding Spot

Note: remember: if you are finding a new hiding spot with another hider you may only go to a spot with one person. Not two!

The tagger may then go to the next known hiding spot and do the same guess who routine etc.
but: if there are two people in one hiding spot the hiders both aim for the base

Let's say only one hider gets to the base
But The other hider got tagged
The tagged hider is frozen
The one who got to the base must unfreeze the frozen hider, if this is done both can go to the base (with the same option of hiding again)
If both manage to get to the base untagged that's three points and so is the other one

Step 6: Point Values

One person in a hiding spot gets to base untagged-1 point for hider

One person in hiding spot tagged before reaching the base-1 point for tagger

Two people in one hiding spot both get to base (without freezing and unfreezing each other)-3 points for hider

Two people in one hiding spot both don't get to base-3 points for tagger

Two people in one hiding spot one gets to base other frozen- 1 point for hider who got to base
1 point for tagger

Two people in one hiding spot one gets to base the other was frozen but unfrozen without being tagged-2 points for each hider (vice versa for tagger)

Note: once unfrozen, that unfrozen hider may have a free walk back to base along with the unfreezer

Have fun!!!

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