Thunder Bolt Action Pistol

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Hi, this is my new bolt action pistol design based on my horizontal mag and raising barrel concept in my thunder bolt action sniper (if you haven't seen it you should look a it). The best bit about this mech is that there is 0 friction on the bullet unlike a conventional bolt action which has that push bit holding the bullets in place. With 3 rubber bands I can get very respectable range 40 to 50 ft. The mag is only small at the minuet (3 bullets) but could be easly extended, I just didn't want to ruin the looks. Have fun building please leave a comment and follow for more greats guns.

Step 1: The Gun

In this step you will build the whole gun, ha ha ha. P.S the missing green bits are missing on purpose

Step 2: Bands and Loading

Just follow. To load put the bullets in mag and pull down the barrel section then it should spring back up and load the bullet. Remember to pull back the ram before loading the bullet



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    Hey man,

    Well, over all, the gun looks fine, although it could use an internal trigger. I have never built a BA gun, so you are already ahead of me when it comes to concept mechanisms. Do you happen to have any picture that shows all the internals?

    2 replies